Year End Trip

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dardar and I have been talking about traveling. First choice, Bangkok. I so wanna go meet Witwisit and Mario there. They are so cute! Christmas over there will be so fun. The other options are Bali and Hong Kong. These choices are within my affordability but they will squeeze dry my savings and PTPTN. I think dardar got headache ady cos I keep saying that it's expensive. LOL! Dardar suggested Singapore that have no interest at all. To me, Singapore is just a bigger, cleaner and more eye candy version of Kuala Lumpur. How how how??? I have never been out of Malaysia before.

School Boy or Ah Beng?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Picture taken at Miko Steamboat Buffet 1 day after the haircut... I think the black singlet is so motivational for me to workout XD 

Short Clean Simple

Monday, October 25, 2010

Just got my haircut last morning. Schoolboy look. I think I look cute now (you guys can throw up). But how I wish to get the haircut like above. Or was I wishing to get a guy like the above XD

German boys... Simply adorable...

Never Forever-Lasting

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Few weeks back there was a radio DJ that commented about how people think about marriage. Last time people would only think that their marriage is an eternal bond that binds the couple until they meet their grave. This may be true for many asians I supposed. He then added on that nowadays when people get married, they think of how long they will last. This really made me think why did the Terengganu government is offering free honeymoon to couples that are on the brink of divorce. There have been numeral reports that divorce rate in Malaysia is on the rise. So, do you feel the hypocrisy when straights point out that homos are discouraged because of their flamboyant nature? Then again, why are there cases of father raping their own daughter or grandchild? The LGBT has always been portrayed negatively. They just don't realize the damage they have brought upon the youngsters. 

On the other hand, I really wonder if gay couples could really live a life without penetration. I personally have never experienced anal even after being in 2 relationship. Cuddling, kissing, foreplay, mutual jerk off and some occasional oral is all that is enough for me. Anyone out there same like me?

Spare Me Tyre

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last week, I had to skip japanese lesson coz the tyre finally gave in. My first experience changing tyre with dardar. I wanted to help but dardar won't let me touch coz he say it's dirty. awww... Very lucky that we had shelter and not under the hot afternoon blaze. I was also lucky enough to get to see the whole process. Definitely less panicky if it ever happens to me.

When two become one

Monday, October 18, 2010

Have you guys ever seen 2 bananas in 1 peel? I took this picture from the UPM convo bazaar. It's not a production of photoshop. People comes in pairs. Some animals too. We were taught in school that a couple should consist of male and female. But I guess this picture somehow proves that 2 gays bananas can really be together. But then again, I wonder if I might see 3 happily together.

UPM Convo Bazaar

Friday, October 15, 2010

Both of them shopping together while I was on duty at the stall. I suspect they are one of us. Anyway, Rockmelons are more attractive compared to their cousin, Honeydew. Met a very rude lady that scolded my coursemates. She totally went overboard by saying that they are stupid, useless people standing in front of the stall preventing customers from shopping peacefully. Yeah... she yelled like it was no ones business. I think she could have say it in a nicer way.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Could this be Ultraman Jino in his human form? Or perhaps he is just Ultraman Dardar =P


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nono sleeping like an infant. So cute... hehehe... These days he is quite responsive. He loves sunflower seed a lot. Can easily trick him to stand on both legs using it as bait. He then falls on his back. I know I am so bad right. hehehe... Some of you may already know this. The hamster doesn't belong to me. So fun to play with this furball.

More About Me: Fetish

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I have this habit of picking my nose. I used to think it is gross and should never be done in public. But not so long ago I discover a new fetish of mine. To pick nose regardless it is mine or not! LOL! When dardar go to bed. I disturb him by picking his nose. When he sleeps too much I will also do the same. wakakaka! Next is when I see people picking their nose during a traffic congestion, I will do the same while looking at them until they notice me. Definitely a good tease when I saw this malay lady laughed after seeing me pick my nose coz she was doing the same thing. The final one was EPIC! My classmate wanted to make me cheat in the exam and presented the pinky swear. I pretended I was gonna do it but put my pinky into my nose instead and she felt gross. The whole idea of cheating was never brought up again. LOL!

Shark Tale

Monday, October 4, 2010

I have never felt more dreaded than this Monday morning. Reluctantly I went for the usual genetics lecture. I swear I could have fall asleep if the room temperature was any colder. I could barely understand anything the prof was talking about. My brains just wanna shutdown and enter sleep mode. The clock striked 12, everyone leapt with joy. By the time i woke up from my induced zombie state, half of the class has already left. About 10 of them were still around as they need to resit some failed paper. Pat and I then walked out of the lecture room and found ourselves in a pretty scary situation.

Some coursemates were chatting with Prof Shark.

Prof Shark: Who is Bear?
Prof Shark: You know who is Bernard Bear? (asking Pat)
Pat:... (pointing at me)

Shit! What does the shark wanna do with me.  Some shit is bound to happen!

Bear: yea, anything?
Prof Shark: So you are Bear. You are the top scorer?

WTF! How the heck did he know. I did not cheat in exam!

Bear: err... is there any problem? (still don't know what is his intention)
Prof Shark: Tak de (no problem). Keep it up.
Bear: okay...

Pat suspects that the coursemates might have leaked some info to him that leads him to me. Gosh! He is one of the lecturers that I would wanna avoid at all cost. He is not named Prof Shark for nothing. Anyway, I got away unscathed. Bound to meet him again during the FYP presentation. I smell trouble!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

I feel miserable at times. Not because dardar bully me. Not because I have to do reports or assignments or farmwork. Can you imagine how does it feel to bump into this cute guy almost everyday when you are in uni. I don't mean Mario Maurer but a guy that you are attracted to. Someone that exudes a certain aura that makes you feel like you are having a teenage crush. He has those cute puppy eyes that instantly melts your heart. He is so adorable that you wanna look at him as much as you can before he leaves the bus. Yeah... I met him countless times on the bus. Everytime I get to see him, I tense up. I shy away behind the bus seats trying to minimize the chances that he would notice me looking at him.  Each time, there will be his 'fans' calling out his name "Alex, Alex, Alex...". Somehow these people always pop out of nowhere yelling his name out loud. I guess he is really popular. He doesn't carry anything most of the time. Perhaps he has his 'fans' to carry them. Sigh... I always remind myself that I already have a bf that cares about me. Someone that will be there for me whenever I need him. But it is really difficult to resist temptations when UPM have many cuties as well as hot hunky guys with perfectly sculpted 6 pack abs running around college area. 

Think Not Ting

Friday, October 1, 2010

Lui Yan striked a conversation with me before Japanese lesson.

Lui Yan: Come on... the next quiz okay?(signalling me to 'help' her out with the next evaluation)
Bear: err... I think you should revise more often. Then, there is no need for my assistance.
Lui Yan: Wah... You think and you don't ting.
Bear: huh?
Lui Yan: You THINK and you don't TING!
Bear: So?
Lui Yan: Normally malaysians pronounce think as ting. But you don't!
Bear: hmm... I thought most people around here wouldn't notice.
Lui Yan: I do!

It somehow surprised me when she pointed out my pronunciation. Honestly, no disrespect to you guys out there but I have encountered many people with great vocab and writing style but when it comes to speaking they really suck. I don't mean pronouncing bombastic words but simple words such as 'dick', 'tree', 'three', 'eight' or 'birthday'. Seldom do people realize that they have been eating many alphabets such as -k at the back or th- in front of a word.