Tau fu fah

Saturday, October 31, 2009

How happy of me

if everyday

I wake up to find my breakfast

ready on the table

prepared by the one I love

just like this morning


i kinda wished

it was a him who prepared


I am grateful

that you cared


that you are still here

you might not know

but I really appreciate it

that bowl of 'tau fu fah'


Hunt for pan mee

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It has been almost 3 months since I last went to eat pan mee at a stall located in Sri Serdang. Its a 15 minutes walk away from my uni. After the test at about 11, Cyee and I decide to treat ourselves a nice bowl of pan mee. When we reached there, the stalls have been removed and we remembered she said about shifting her stall to a nearby shop. We scour the entire area for the shop! took us another 15 minutes on foot! I was sweating non-stop!

We gave up hope looking for it and decided to just go Bao Long(a nearby coffee shop with lots of food). Guess what... We saw her! I was like OMFG! I want my bowl of pan please!!!!! I am dying for it! Apparently she stopped selling pan mee ever since shifting to the new place because there were others over there that sells pan mee. I was really upset... DANG!

She showed us her new menu and I noticed the asam laksa! WooHooo!!! I was happy again but seconds later she told me run out of noodles to make the laksa... Damn it! In the end I ordered Horfun with soup. Haiz... But as always, she kept us satisfied by offering us extra fishballs and meatballs. Yay!!! I was immediately happy again! tee hee! Food food! and more food! meh~

Then on the back to uni I decided to grab a bowl of cendol to cool off... yum~ Sweet stuff just makes me happy =) Then while Cyee went to print some notes I got myself a glass of fresh mango juice! Wee~ Did I mention that I really like mango? My number 1 fruit! How can anyone not agree with me that mangoes are delicious!

Back to study now! Gambatte! RAWRRR!!!

~I am hungry~


Monday, October 26, 2009

The finals will be starting tomorrow. Yay! Finally the holidays are coming and I am so happy! My 1st paper will be on crustaceans(hopefully no need to draw those tiny little body appendages). I have not been putting enough effort in my studies compared to my previous semesters. Some may call me lazy but I have chosen to take things easy.

The previous semesters, I would stay up late till about 3 and wake up early in the morning at 5 to study(I am the last minute type of person yea), but this sem I didn't even bother staying up late to study finish every single chapter. Smart? nonono! I am just an average student that barely memorize anything and gets through by bullshitting. Study is definitely not my forte and I really don't have a liking for it. All this while is my competitive nature that have been fueling me to study. And of cos to satisfy my mum and to keep her from mumbling. And you must have guessed it, I am chilling off the engine for now. Don't want it to overheat! hahaha...

Can't wait to get all these exams over with :P

~I need my beauty sleep~

Bear on the Runway

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Few days a ago I went to meet a friend of mine at his hostel. I had to return some stuff to him that night. As I was approaching him, I walked casually. He saw me and walked towards me too. The 1st sentence that came out wasn't the usual "Hi!" or "Hello". Guess what... He said "This is not a runway. There is no fashion show going on here. You don't have to walk like a model here." I was immediately giving him the =.=" look.

grabbed from lyramag.blogspot.com

grabbed from mrsmogul.blogspot.com

I was actually kinda happy with the comment of his. I may not show it on my face but in my heart I was smiling. Don't you guys think its a compliment? Maybe I am the undiscovered Malaysia Next Top Male Model! hahaha!

How about you guys? Anyone ever commented you havin' model qualities?

~Can you walk it?~

Zoo Negara 3

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ivan. Captured by Bern.

Ivan & Cyee. Captured by Bern.

Mememe! Captured by Ivan.

Today have been hectic! Just completed 1 assignment and 1 report. 1 more report to go before the finals starts on monday. There will be another field trip tomorrow and I so wanna go if I could finish the last report by tomorrow!

Regarding who I am in love with... hehehe... It has to be.... ME! LMAO!

~Love me please!~

Zoo Negara 2

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gosh... Have been a little busy with all the field trips, reports and assignments and they are still undone. Here is a little update on the zoo trip :P

Ivan! give me my legs! Cameraman Ivan!

Left me & right Ivan! Cameraman Cyee!

Oh yea! When I was at the zoo, we actually bumped into 2 Malay guys. And throughout half of the walk in the zoo, they were constantly around us. They pose alot in their pictures! Did I mention that they are PLU? Why do I say so? Logically thinking, 2 guys in their 20s walking the zoo and snapping photos with all the posing. Constantly perfecting their pose and complaining the shots aren't good enough. Walk closely with their butt bumping into each others. Drank from the same bottle! I am not a stalker okay... Just that I can't help noticing how happy love birds are in the public.

Aren't they adorable?

The picture was taken when I was on my way back to uni in the KTM. Love is all around me lately and its lovely to see people in love. Well, I am in love too~ with who you may ask. HeHe... Next post lah~
Stay tune for more picture updates on the zoo!

~Love is in the air~

Zoo Negara

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Field trip alert!!! Bear and the bunch of ichthyology students went to Zoo Negara for a field trip. We departured from UPM at 9.40a.m and reached there at approximately 10.20a.m. We were 1st briefed by Mr. Herman about the zoo and its aquarium. Some interesting info that I picked up. Apparently Zoo Negara is a NGO (all this while I thought it belongs to the government!). which means they don't receive and funds from the government. All fundings come from the tickets sold from entries and sponsors. I personally donated money to the zoo charity! So proud of myself! And in Malaysia alone there are up to 600+ freshwater fish species that has been discovered and there are many yet to be discovered. I soooo wanna join the zoo negara team! They go on a lot of field trips to collect specimens from all over Malaysia for conservations purposes. Be it is aquatic flora or fauna. They will even begin their own breeding program to help preserve and hopefully increase the population of the endangered species.

Right after the briefing, we were separated into 3 groups. Each group entered the Aquarium Tunku Abdul Rahman(ATAR). They display more than 200 species of fish there! The concept of the aquarium is a travel based aquarium that displays fish(and aquatic plants) found in the highest parts of Malaysia(also include SEA) down to the coral reef area in a manner where we will travel downhill(one of its kind) and according to Mr. Herman it is a world class aquarium. Malaysia Boleh! hahaha...

Our task there was to record 30 freshwater species & 10 marine species of fish found at the aquarium. We were then allowed to travel the zoo till 2.30p.m. Yay!!! This was the part everyone was waiting for! We took pictures like we never have taken any! walk walk walk... and even had to run from places to place!(not much time left ma...)

Below are just some random pix that I took at the zoo.

some deers randomly taken from my SE K660i

Due to biosecurity reasons, please DO NOT feed the monkeys!

What a day! Tiring and sweat alooot! But it was fun =) Will be posting up the rest of the pictures later. Too much work at the moment!
Signing out~
~saw some really huge balls~

Signs of ageing

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yesterday night as I was in the bus returning to my hostel, I felt a sudden pain in the upper left region of my chest. It was as if someone punched me on the chest really hard. The pain started there and spread to my shoulder and later to my left arm. The sensation lasted for nearly 10seconds. I wasn't shocked at all. I guess the lack of exercise is getting to me. Or could there be any other reason. Haiz... Hopefully it's not a big deal. Better not tell my mum. She will get all worried. haha...

Maybe I should start back my jogging sessions. Laziness has overwhelmed me for a very long time. (Bernard, move your ass if you don't want to die young!) Argh... Not to mention reports and assignments pilling up. Tests are never ending. Presentation on a topic that I am not interested in. And all of a sudden I have lunch with J, tapau dinner for him and now helping him find assignment materials. What am I getting myself into??? Are we really just friends? Out of the blue he would ask me out for lunch. Then inquire my help to search stuff. Or renew his books from the library. It is really hard for me not to think about the possibilities of where this is all heading.


A Ride Back Home

Monday, October 5, 2009

Yesterday night, I received an sms from Meng askin me to return to uni on my own. The problem is, I noticed the message at 8.00! Immediately I called J and asked if he could give me a ride back to uni. He sounded rather reluctant to give me a lift back(maybe cos of the way I have been acting lately). But after I explained the situation, he agreed to do so.

It was 8.30 and I was expecting his car to pull up in front of my house, but it turns out that his dad was driving and his mum was in the car too. When I was in the car, it felt awkward because it has been a long time since I last met his parents. I sat between him and his cousin sister. Am really glad that they kept talking the entire journey back to UPM.

It has been quite some time since he sat with me in the backseat. Sitting closely. Our arms and thigh touching. A warm feeling of being safe. Somehow, I missed that feeling(yeah, call me idiot or stupid). I was actually happy at that moment(Ish... ish... Bernard, always happy of small little things). *Stop dreaming Bernard! You 2 are long time over!*

As we were approaching Serdang, J suddenly poked me a couple of times. Slowly I turned to him, leaning slightly closer and I asked "ya?". "Your pants are unzipped", he replied. My eyes wide. Blushing. Oppssss... how clumsy of me ~.~

But it's kinda odd that he would notice. What I mean is, why would he look down at there? Not to mention that it was really dark. Seriously, even when I see any lengzai around me also I won't even take a peek at their wee wee area. Perhaps I am not Hamsap enough =.="

~Bernard, you gotta wake up!~

Barbecue turned Steamboat

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Owh... I am STUFFED! I mean it. Went over to my babysitter's house at Taman Desa. We were invited to a so-called barbecue gathering but when we got there we noticed no fireplace! My sisters were disappointed as they were really looking forward to barbecue. We noticed a few large pots around and immediately knew its steamboat. Well, for me its all the same as long as there is FOOD! The soup was amazing~ gosh! it was perfectly sweet. The prawns were HUGE in containers with green mussels, scallops, salmon. Lotsssss of mushroom. Yummy! They even prepared 'Hak Yee Gai' or beggar chicken??? Along with roasted duck. OMG! I ate = (mum + 2sis) X 5

AHEM... for the very 1st time. Bear took Carlsberg! 1 can only la... HAHAHA... well, can't be blamed okay! my mum was around and the uncle and auntie only allow my to wallop 1. My second time consuming beer. The 1st one was Tiger during CNY. Hmm... between the 2, Carlsberg tasted better to me. Yups... Cheers!

~All you can eat steamboat buffet FOC~