Heroes: James Kyson Lee

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

As you already know, I am a huge fan of the series. Ando (James Kyson Lee), the sidekick of Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) has always had something that is attractive about him. Well, at least to me. Somehow I thought he is cute. So few days ago I started google-ing up his name. Cut the story short, I am giving him more points now than ever. Let the pictures do the talking shall we ^__^

Feeling sexy now?

Just one word... WOW!

~You may have weird taste, but it's okay coz it makes you different~


Monday, March 29, 2010

Our ship sank to the bottom of the sea. We found ourselves stranded on a deserted island. There were over 40 of us that survived that horrible incident. Since the group was large. We divided ourselves into 3 groups. Each group chose a different route to survive on the island. The resources on a location can't possibly feed all of us if we stayed together.

The environment on the island is harsh. It's where wild animals roam. Poisonous snakes lurking at corners that we don't expect. Wild monkeys trying to steal from us. We built our own little hut. Just enough to fit the lot of us in. We were lucky to have found a flowing river. One which we could get clean water to drink.

Food on the other hand, weren't much. For the vegetarians at least. All we could get was some bananas and coconuts. That was all that they could eat. The remaining ones realized that there are no cow or chicken or any other source of meat that they could usually get at the hypermarket. We soon realize that food has always been around us. Even surrounding us.

The rivers are full of fish. The seashore were filled with crabs and some never before seen bivalves. Insects are good source of proteins. Snakes, rats, wild boars and some other little mammals may all fill our stomach. But food is running low for the vegetarians. Seeing the very conditions that we were facing, I decided that remaining a vegetarian would only kill me. I have to go against my principles if I want to live. Adapting is crucial in order to live without much problem.

Even so, there were a few that insisted on their diet. They can't bear to turn omnivorous. They even went on their own way to search the deep forest for their own meals. Is it worth it to stand on such principles at such a difficult situation. I wonder if they survived. If it were you, would turn to meat despite you are vegetarian to survive? Would you go against your own stand, principles and beliefs to do what you need to live?

~To survive you have to adapt~

Losing Ground

Monday, March 22, 2010

These days I have only been thinking about fun, fun and FUN! Despite having the second test and presentations going on, my focus was on Heroes, Facebook and Plant versus Zombies. Yeah, procrastination running circles in my head. An old habit of mine that never seem to disappear.

Justin Baldoni from Heroes

OMG. Is he not gorgeous? Catch him starring as Alex Woosley in Heroes season 3. Another favourite of mine would be Sylar a.k.a Zachary Quinto. This may sound weird but I also like Ando (James Kyson Lee). There there... How can I leave out Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli. Yummy~

During the afternoon, I went over to the Academic Department to collect my certificate for my 2nd semester's result. In the list from Agriculture Faculty, was just me and another guy. The Vice Chancellor list that is. Can't believe it, just the both of us. But I don't think I will ever be listed on the Vice Chancellor ever again. Dropping to Dean list now. Yups, blame it on my laziness.

Moments ago I received the marks for the biostatistics paper and I was stunned for a moment. I knew i wouldn't be doing as good as the first paper but to do that bad was really out of my plan. 78/100. I am almost losing grip of my A for this subject. Focus focus focus...

Aside from that my mind have been wandering alot lately. No, it's not a wet dream. But my very 1st dream having anal sex with someone. Gosh! Nope, I am not the bottom :p

~What have been lost will be balanced by what we gain, we can't have too much of one thing~

Veronika Decides to Die

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It was one fine evening when the bear was scanning through the shelf of books that the salmon had in his house that he came across this book. The title itself is what caught the eyes of the bear. The bear was curious as to why the girl wanted to kill herself. Having read the synopsis of the book from the back cover, he decides to have a go at the book. You see, the bear isn't much of a book reader. Most of the reading materials are mainly for study purposes.

The book was about this young girl named Veronika who decides to kill herself. Her reason was she has seen enough of what life had to offer. It's an endless cycle that repeats itself day after day. After the attempt on her life, she regained concious in a mental hospital. She was told that she only had about a week to live since the overdose of sleeping pills has caused irreversible damage to her heart. All Veronika wanted at first was to end her life as soon as possible.

But while she was in the hospital, she found out that there were those in the hospital that are pretending to be crazy. These are the people that does not want to deal with the problems of the world outside. Everyday Veronika grew weaker. In the face of death, Veronika found a new flame to live. Given the limited amount of days to live, she knows that she had nothing to lose. She found courage to do things that she had never thought of doing. Things that are way too radical for most people to do. Things that are deemed to be not what normal people would do. Breaking from the norm, she found her true desires. Fear was never again an issue for her.

The other inmates of the mental institute was also affected by the young women. Having witness how this young girl that fought her days there, they came to rethink about their stay in Villete (the hospital). Through Veronika, the others too began to have the will to live. The will to break free and do what they have always wanted to do.

Death makes us realize what it means to live. Imagine this, if you one day found out that you only have days to live, what would you do? Does all the fame and glory that you seek means anything to you? Does the money you have means anything to you? Does your dignity, reputation and social status still have any importance to you? Does it matter what others think about you? And why only in the eyes of death that we realize this? Wouldn't it be too late?

The bear has said it and will say it again. In doing what we need to do, we must also do what we want to do. Finding a balance between both is always important. Think of what you really need. Is it not just food, water, and shelter to live? Often times we tend to mix up what we need and what we want. Choices are always given. They may not appear right before our eyes. But seek for it. Ask and you shall receive.

Fear has always been what's stopping us from doing things that we want. Like how we want to climb a tree to pick a fruit. We have been taught that it's dangerous. By instilling fear that we might fall and injure ourselves we dare not climb to get the fruit. You may say that there are safer ways to get them but that is what makes it different. The choice we make and the road we take. In the end we get the fruit but the thrill and excitement by climbing the tree has been lost. Remember what matters is not really the destination but it is the journey that counts.

Fear is what places us in a box. A box named as safety zone. A sense of security and being safe. A place where normal people wants and does the same things. A place where they reject what is absurd and abnormal. A place where those of the minority are called as abomination and madmen. Fear is what trapping us from the true desires of the heart. Ask yourself when was the last time you did something that you really desire regardless of what others may think or judge.

~There is always a choice, you just gotta seek them out~

23 Footprints of Brave Bear

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bear got tagged by the pooh A.K.A Mark. So bear with me. The post is gonna be quite a long one.

1. The number one fact that everyone MUST know about bear is that he loves his mother most! No matter what mama bear says or do, bravebear will love mama bear. Even as bravebear might complain about mama bear, deep in his heart he knows he loves mama bear like no other. No one can replace her.

2. Contrary to popular believes, bravebear is the eldest of a sibling of 3. The bear is often times mistaken to be the youngest due to his carefree behaviour.

3. Red was once a colour that the bear despise cos it was bright and attractive. But J has shown bear that it is a very wonderful colour. Bear now holds on to this colour for it makes bear happy seeing this colour. Always bright, cheerful and attractive.

4. Despite the bear looks small in size, he can actually eat mountains of food. Please restrain from taking him out to buffets.

5. Bear can munch on mangoes everyday if given if the supply at home is plentiful. His favourite fruit to date.

6. The first gay movie that bear watched was Shelter. Followed by Love of Siam that etched its way to the heart of bear. He cried for days and was emotionally unstable because of that movie.

7. Bear confessed his sexuality to his mum on the day after he watched the Love of Siam. A dinner filled with emotions.

8. The bear idolizes no one but himself. Despite the many flaws of bear, he never looked down on himself because he loves himself for who he is today.

9. How the blog title came about. Bernard means as brave as a bear. Bears leaves pawprints but it didn't sound nice so footprints was used.

10. The bear was once really atheletic. Won 3 gold medals (4x 400m , 800m, 1500m) and a silver medal (400m) during his form 1 sports day.

11. Ever heard of Kung-Fu Panda. The bear is a blackbelt holder in Taekwondo and has joined several sparring competitions with medals of gold, silver and bronze.

12. The bear is an avid reader of several manga series. Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest, Sailormoon, Doreamon, Crayon Shin Chan, Bleach, Detective Conan and Defense Devil. It all started from Doraemon where the bear borrowed from his kindergarten tuition teacher. But Naruto has remained at the top spot of all.

13. Bear repeated Final Fantasy on his game console for uncountable times. His favourite up to now would be Final Fantasy 7 and 8. Squall, Cloud and Vincent, a hot threesome perhaps?

14. No pies tastes like apple pie. Unless they have mango pies! Yummy!

15. Like all bear, honey is a delicacy that no bear could resist. Pooh loves it doesn't he.

16. Bear has a scar on the back of his right thigh. Bear sat on the kitchen top one day. Without realizing that the drawer was opened he jumped off and his thigh was scrapped by the edge of the drawer.

17. The bear lived without internet access at home till the age of 18 years old.

18. The first porn that he only took a short glimpse was when J showed him. Straight japanese porn. About 2 minutes if my memory serves me right.

19. When eating prawns, Bear prefers them to be totally unshelled. He dislikes removing the cumbersome shells on his own.

20. Blueberry cheesecake from UPM bakery tastes heavenly. It tastes so much like the ones from Secret Recipe. yum yum~

21. Naughty naughty bear. He 'took' money from mama bear's handbag sneakily whenever mama bear is not around until he got caught one day. From that day onwards he never steal from mama bear :p

22. The bear is crazy about Heroes, a TV series full of super power. He hopes to one day able to control time and space as he likes just like Hiro Nakamura.

23rd of May. Remember this date well. The bear expects birthday presents ^__^

~If you can't live with something, make a change. If you don't, just quit yappin'~


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Since it was free, I took a BMI test that was available in my college area. The results were:

Figures in brackets are the normal range for my height.

Height: 173cm
Weight: 54kg (56.0 ~ 75.7)
Muscle mass: 25.8kg (28.1 ~ 34.4)
Body fat mass: 7.6kg (7.9 ~ 15.8)
Protein 9.2kg (9.9 ~ 12.1)
BMI: 18.0 (18.5 ~ 25.0)
Percent body fat: 14.0% (10.0 ~ 20.0)
Waist hip ratio: 0.78 (0.75 ~ 0.85)
Basal metabolic rate: 1373 kcal (1262 ~ 1461)

See! I told you I was abnormal. Normal is sooo over-rated. Who wants to be normal anyway. LOL!

~If you like normal, you are the abnormal one~

My First Kiss: JJ

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last night I got to know of Jino's first kiss. kekeke! Chatting with him I had a good laugh. Well, regarding my first kiss. It happened when I was 13 years old. Back when I was still in form 1. Some of my friends and I had a sharing session where we talked a lot about our favourites and dislikes. Then out of sudden one of my friends suggested that we play Truth or Dare. A guy by the name JJ chose not to answer and was dared to kiss me.

Girls: Kiss Bernard!!!
JJ: Kiss only ah? Easy lor. You all girls also can kiss girls, guys also can kiss guys lor.

I closed my eyes as he approached me. I almost hear my heartbeats. It was so fast and strong. I was nervous. He gave me a peck on my forehead.

JJ: There! Done! *smiling*
Girls: Yeeee! Not fair! Not on the lips! Not counted!
JJ: You didn't say on the lips ma.
Girls: Must be on the lips! kiss kiss kiss!
JJ: okay lor!

I said not a word. He came again. This time I did not close my eyes. In fact, my eyes widened. Our lips met and for the first time. I actually kissed someone that is neither my dad or mum. His lips, so soft. My head felt a sudden warmness. My neck too.

Girls: You are blushing!
Bear: Harrr!!! Errr...
Girls: Yeah! Your cheeks are red! Your ears and neck too!
Girls: You shy ah? *cheekily smiling*
Bear: No lah!

The bells ringed. Signifying time for our recess. And the issue was never brought up again. Washed by the time. Remaining nothing but a sweet memory residing in me.

~Memories do not remain forever, time cleanses the mind of all~

CNY: Generous Mum

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My mum is a lady that likes to stick to traditions and customs. Despite being advised by my nenek angkat and me, she insists on practising all the so-called pantangs like on the first day of CNY cannot sweep, wash hair and etc. As for me, I just follow what she says so that there won't be any troubles. Personally I don't like following such nonsense but I don't mind since it's just once a year anyway. Every year mum and I will head for Jusco to buy drinks and food for guests. I don't like carbonated drinks so you won't find any Sarsi, Pepsi, 7up or rootbeer in my house. And I don't like to buy the same drinks over and over again unless the drinks are really good and under promotion. All drinks are handpick by me and this year I have chosen apple juice and grape juice from Great Bucks, white grape flavour Justea and Delite mango juice.

As always my mum will get all the food stuff like almonds, pistachios, dried peach and sweets. We will order homemade cookies from a nearby market in Kepong. I like trying the new cookies so the traditional ones are hardly found in my home. Since I love chocolate alot most of the cookies that I order are chocolate based. 1 fact about me, I HATE pineapple tarts and bee hive with sesame seed. Mum do not know what I hate so I have to make the orders or else no one will be eating the leftover cookies after all the visitations.

Since this year my 'frenz' decided not to visit my house there is plenty of food and drink left. How awesome! More food for the bear. I have to be honest here, I have a really picky tongue when it comes to eating. Eventhough I am quite a DBKL but I will criticize the food while eating them. I did went on several house visitations and the food & beverages that they serve was utter disappointment. Very traditional cookies and they are all the SAME! No taste at all. So sorry if you are reading this but in my humble opinion, a new year should have some new stuff around. If it's all the same old stuff how new is the new year? Think about it!!!

Let's change the spotlight to my mum now. She loves people visiting our house. She loves giving out angpao(red packets). She thinks that whenever guests take a visit to our house we should serve them with good food and beverages. Make sure they are satisfied. Turn on the air-conditioner just for them as we hardly ever use it unless there are guests. And despite my mum is a single mum taking care of a family of 4, she guarantees an above average amount in the red packets. Every year my 'frenz' will receive a 5. Close friends will receive a 10. Same goes to those that I always mention to my mum about how they have helped me and treat me. YES!!! My mum knows who are my friends and who are my 'frenz'. She knows who treats me well. since this year the 'frenz' ain't visiting, some of my friends received a 20! YES, it's a 20! Believe it. I have never recieved a 20 from anyones mum.

~The mother bear rewards true friends with lots of honey~

Cute boy, Lengzai and Handsome!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The bear is not easily surprised. But last friday, salmon caught bear in surprise mode. As we headed out for lunch with William and SK, I can't help but to notice that dardar's handphone was noisy by frequented calls and messages. When dardar told me that were gonna have 3 more guests I panicked cos I was caught unprepared. My hair was not messy enough. My attire was so pasar malam. Worst of all, I forgot my mask!

How can I not get sweaty hands when I was suddenly told that we were gonna meet 3 lengzais!!! Upon hearing their names from dardar my heartbeat increased like I was tfk-ing! Wait... tfk heartbeat will increase??? Anyway, our lunch at Puchong Yong Tau Fu was really good. Heed my advise, take the cold loh hon ko with ice! Their loh hon ko was TOO sweet! urgh! Nicky sat beside me during the lunch ^__^ NO! I did not grab any of his body parts! I may be horny but I have good self control. LOL!

We then moved to Wong Kok Cha Chan Teng (dunno the exact spelling and too lazy to google) in Equine Park's Jusco for some drinks. This time I sat opposite of the cute cute Nicky. Wuahahaha! Not on purpose okay! NO! I did not use my legs to caress his! This time I managed to pull some courage to look at Jino straight in the eyes. OMG! He was as lengzai as he is in the pictures. Cool but looks adorable when he smiles. But this 2 cute boy and lengzai both soooooo quiet, especially Jino! Edwin, another handsome on the other hand is more interactive. Gosh! I totally kalah to all 3 of them T_T

But from this encounter, I am pretty sure that Nicky is not as innocent as he seems. Please be careful when handling this boy! Wuahahaha! As shy as the ultraman is, his eyes are dangerous. One look and you might be petrified by his charms. hmmm... sounds more like Medusa. Stay alert people!!!

~Bears are shy creatures~