The Paradise Is Cumin'

Sunday, June 27, 2010

2 more days at Sony and my days there will be over. I like working there coz the colleagues are a bunch of nutcase. They can joke and have fun but when it comes to work they are hell serious. They can make me laugh everyday. I won't miss the occasional free food that I am allowed to tapau, nothing really great just some kuih and sandwiches. 

Given my days there, I learned that consumers nowadays are bunch of troublesome & weird people. First, they send in the items for repair and when we informed them the repair cost, they would say it's expensive. FINE... then we ask them whether they want to collect their items back or not, they say want. OK lor... Then after 2 damn friggin' years they left the item there we have to call them again to ask them again whether they wanna collect the item or not, they say want. Hell yeah... After 1 month from the last call we call again since it was not collected, and they will say "Oh~ OMG... My camera is still with you! I totally forgot! I REALLY wanna take it back. I will come to collect it later this evening". 

The day after, we check the system and again the item is left uncollected and we called again just to get the answer that he/she doesn't want the thing already and we may dispose it. Isn't it like WTF! If u don't want your shitty items back just say it in the beginning la! I encountered such customer, making us call them again and again and AGAIN! Their standard answers are always like, I will call you to confirm later or I will collect it blablabla... But then again, there are those that really appreciate our work coz I actually received a compliment letter from one of the customer. I was surprised that he/she even took the time to write and send that to us. Anyhow, I will be leaving for Redang on the cumin' Wednesday. Woohoo~

~Don't buy any sony camera, LCD TV or laptop~

Destress The Stressful

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I have actually started my part time work back in early May. I like going to work be it on Monday or Friday. The thing is, there are a handful of cute guys that I meet almost daily either on the LRT, KTM or shuttle bus. Motivates me to go to work somehow. LOL! I did mention about a beefy pilot in the KTM few weeks ago in Facebook. GAWD! He has so much meat I swear I felt like wanna have a BBQ right at that moment! Anyhow, just managed to capture a blur pic of him. Haiz... My K660i is damn lousy. 

As for my work... Currently working as a call center agent in Sony. Early on was really stressful. Crazy consumers we have nowadays. Demands for many things. Somehow... Just somehow there seems to me that there are many Petaling Jaya clients that are just too ill mannered. Especially those above 30 years old. They just can't seem to communicate politely. Their answers are almost always short, with a slight taste of dissatisfaction. They also tend to speak in a way as if they are in a hurry with replies such as "yes", "Yea", "So?". Asking for their details and particulars is just a pain in the ass coz most of them are just simply inconsiderate. For example when I ask for their name they would just say out their full name ASAP. Then when I ask for them to spell it, they will spell it quickly all in one go with a grumpy tone and don't even care if u catch the correct spelling. Just compare hearing these name on the phone: Lau Eng Sing, Low Ing Seng, Law Eng Xing (just imagine they expect u to know which spelling). Asking them to repeat the spelling is worse! A lot grumpier as if in that few seconds time spent on repeating could have gotten them the World Cup. They also have a tendency to get into a foul mood and just hammer away at how lousy Sony items and service. Many of them can also speak very LOUDLY, so loud as if they were shouting on the phone. Honestly, if you have come across some Africans you would most likely understand how these PJ people speak on the phone. No difference! Civilized? Then again, this is only true for the plentiful of PJ people that I have spoke through the phone.

p/s: The names mentioned in this post is purely made up.

~I can only laugh behind the phone of your grumpiness~