Sunday, January 30, 2011

I have said it many times. I am a hypocrite and so are you. It's the ugly truth but not many of us realize it. Few days ago, I played a prank on one of my coursemate. She was unhappy with it. One of her friend came to me and said I was evil. The fact is, they have did the same to me last time. What I did wasn't revenge. But perhaps a reminder that we are indeed similar beings.

The next issue is "Mengumpat". It's a malay word that means talk bad about someone else. I almost always talk to Pat in cantonese. Malay colleagues around me would say "mengumpat saya ke?" which means are u talking bad about me? They would go on to say that it is "berdosa" or sinful to talk bad about others. Honestly, whenever we speak in cantonese they assume that we talk bad about them. But if they had never done wrong, why would they worry of others were talking bad about them? I am sure some of you have got certain languages that u are more comfortable to speak as they remain the faster media to convey/receive the message. I have never had any suspicions about them when they spoke in their Kelantan/Terengganu village slang. How fair is that?

Then again, I had a coursemate that told me what they did was wrong too. She too is a muslim and she told me it is also bad to "buruk sangka" which means to have negative suspicions about others. Whatever it is, I know we are all hypocrites. The END~

UPM Version

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cute guys appear almost everyday in campus. There are 2 in particular that are worth mentioning. Edison Chen look-alike and Yoga Lin look-alike. However, the UPM version of Yoga is darker-skinned and he is a Malay =.="

Biting More Than I Can Chew

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

She said that I will manage it. My supervisor I mean. But seriously, there is so much i do not know about the title given. As some of you might know, I study mainly about fish and perhaps some prawns. Microbs are perhaps the last thing I would want to study. But guess what... my supervisor's field of study is microbiology. Arggghhhh... my final year project will be on probiotics for a certain marine fish. And the fish isn't cheap. It's such a headache. I am totally clueless about bacteria culture. Don't even know how to prepare the culture medium. What more about bacterial challenge and what-so-ever. So much reading to do. So much work to handle. So much more to learn...

Then again there are master students there to guide us. They should be very useful since they are from biotech bacground. Hopefully...

New Year's Resolution

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is with this new year's resolution? I didn't even know that such thing existed until somewhere last year. It was through blogging that I discovered people actually have new year's resolution (NYR). And so, what is my very first NYR? Let's see... I have thought hard about ( for about 2 minutes)... My NYR would be to have none at all. I don't really have a specific target that I wanna achieve. All this while, I just wanna be an extraordinary person living a simple and happy life. Weird? Deal with it.

Let's see here, piko-chan said last year his NYR was to achieve six-pack abs that I could scrub my laundry with. But in the end, he ended up working out less than his usual routine =.="

Other bloggers that I am lazy to name don't feel like naming have a long list of NYR. I totally blame my lack of 'desire to plan' on the chapter of disadvantages of planning that I read last year for my finals. I am not joking, that small tiny chapter exist in the notes and was one of the questions that was asked in the finals. Conclusion is I don't have NYR ^__^

The Cycle Begins Again

Monday, January 10, 2011

Am I a celebrity or what? People come up to me and ask me about my results and before I could answer them, they assumed that I got 4.0 again. It's like history is repeating itself. However, some things have changed. First week of the sem and I have no reports or what-so-ever to do. Cool huh! (YES, it is cool coz I always have assignments and reports on the first week of lecture). In fact, many of my lecturers aren't even in uni now. The best thing is, they are my fav lecturers! No sweat this sem. YAY! 

Then, I bumped into one of my sarawakian friend. He is getting cuter btw. urm urm... I get so excited everytime I bump into him. *giggles*.

The library took a change too, I can no longer play any facebook applications. It is definitely a good thing. The library is so empty now, I can use the comps here whole day. The weather on the other hand has been kind. It's cloudy today and it makes me feel lazy. So lazy I could just doze off. The only thing that keeps me awake would probably be the cute guys that are occasionally appearing out of no where.

Last but not least, chinese new year is around the corner. Spring cleaning and shopping season is here again. ugh... The yearly chore is back. I don't feel lke going home. So troublesome...

First Post of 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 is here. A new year and a new sem is starting for me. I will be starting my final year project soon. So troublesome but it has to be done.

New years and Christmas celebration has been peaceful for me. I don't like the crowd anyway. A simple and satisfying dinner with piko-chan.

Oh, I did an experiment that started 1month ago. I changed my burst date to 31st of December on facebook. Funny thing is, people that celebrated my burstday with me in 2009 also wished me. My burstday is on the lovely month of May. Nearly a hundred wished me and only 6 person knew it wasn't my burstday. I am totally not shocked by the number because I wanted to see how many people would actually wish me twice a year. It was also to test how many people fully rely on facebook to keep track of things. For me, I personally prefer my handphone to register burstdays. Maybe I am outdated but I think my handphone is much trustier. I know a few of my friends also register fake birthdays for their own reasons.