English Classes

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am currently taking 2 English classes this semester. I really like language classes because the lecturers tend to make the classes more fun and interactive. The 2 young lecturers also tend to make mistakes when giving their lectures. It lightens the mood or atmosphere in the class. I also like their body language as they try to make the classes livelier. They are also very cute looking. I suspect though, that one of them may be gay because he asked everyone in the class if we would talk about gay marriage as the topic for the following week. That is so gay~ Not just because of the topic, but also his overall gestures that sends out vibes of G-ness. Oh~ I so totally like him!

Dream: Big Apple

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not too sure if you guys are following my updates in facebook, but yesterday I had a funny dream while i was taking a nap in my hostel room. The dream was about me sleeping in my hostel room and I was awakened when my ex-roommate, Meng returned. He was holding a box of Big Apple doughnuts that he made! I don't really know what's the occasion but he asked if i would finish them (I assume he made them for his gf but they couldn't finish them). I wonder I am having some craving for doughnuts or I actually miss my ex-roommate LOL... Perhaps both but this semester will the last semester I will be in UPM. In fact, so far for the past week here I have met plenty of cute guys. Out of the 4 years here, this year is the most! Not just cute locals, but good looking middle eastern guys as well as twinky Thai boys. OMGosh! 

Just this morning, there was an adorable nerdy chinese 1st year who came up to me to ask for directions as well as recommendation on where to have meals.  He followed me around as I show him the way. He then asked me where I would go next. Too bad I wasn't feeling well or else I would have had brunch with him. Hehehe... The thing is, I was already eye-ing on him since we took the same bus.

UPM Health Center Room 7 Doctor

So this morning I went to the health center in UPM to get some meds as I have been having diarrhea for the past 3 days as well as a minor nasal and throat irritation that begun last night. I was kinda expecting to get the same doctor that doesn't bother with the checkup or take any body temperature. So I went to the assigned room 7. As usual, the young doc asked of my problem. Then, I was pleasantly surprised when the doctor asked me to lie down on the bed so he could check for any pain. He then took my body temperature despite I told him I don't have fever. Don't get me wrong, that's a good thing because he is doing his duty. I just wish the other doctors there would be a bit more like him. More professional you know? LOL...

This makes me recall a certain incident that happened to a colleague of mine who went to the UPM health center. She was having some abdominal pain and the doctor asked if she was pregnant. And since she wasn't pregnant, the doc concluded that she has infection without taking any urine samples or checking for the location of the pain. Ridiculous I tell you.

But anyway, thank you again to Mr Doc-I-Dont-Know-Your-Name from room 7 for being more responsible in your profession. Maybe UPM students may want to request for the same doctor if you ever need to go there.

Dragon Nest SEA

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hi guys, forgive my absence. Lately I have indulging myself in online games. Not to the point of addiction though. Ever heard of Dragon Nest? It's a real time dungeon oriented RPG with 4 basic classes to choose (Archer, Sorceress, Cleric and Swordmen). As we progress in the game we get to specify in certain jobs depending on our play style. Currently the SEA version is still on OBT. The game is pretty exciting, but slowly becomes routine because the current level cap is just 24. It takes about 3 days to reach the max level, kinda fast and there are many skills to try out. However, the game lacks abit of exploration. There isn't much need to run around looking (such as solving puzzles or riddles) for things as most of the quest are easy and straight-forward. Items are easy to get and quite cheap as of now. Storage space is lacking and it's really problematic though. Overall the game is good and hopefully they can add more new contents quickly. 

To PLU out there playing the game and might wanna join a gay guild (our guild name, PLUpluS). PM or add me, my IGN is Halliwell in Westwood. 

For those who wanna try out the game, for more information and download at http://dn.cherrycredits.com/