Tribute to Nono

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Few minutes ago, he breathed his last breath. Just yesterday I still see him running around actively. He was so excited when I gave him food. Back then I always thought when is this old hamster gonna die. He looked so thin and fragile but still so active. Moments before he died, dardar took a look at him and told me that he could no longer hold on anymore. I went to see him. He was breathing very heavily. I caressed him gently. He would normally runaway from me but he stood there curled up and let me touch him. Memories came back to me how I used to try to catch him and he would run and jump and wiggle his way out. The only time he would come close to my hands was when I hand fed him. It's just so sad to see him lying on the sand box motionless. This is the first time I ever shed any tears for a pet. Good bye Nono. I will miss you much...

Shadow in the Skies

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sunset in Puchong