Pre-Valentines Celebration

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb 11 night, dardar and I watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief at IOI mall. Honestly, I think it was just okay okay lah~ But the GSC in in IOI mall is really nice. Not many people. Huge space for the legs.

Feb 12 morning, P and I headed up to Genting. Needless to say, most couples would go for the rides and we were no exception. After a short lunch break, we head for the theme park. I officially ban the ship ride! Almost vomited my lunch from that single ride. The others were okay. As we were queuing up for the rides, there was so much to laugh about because so many things happened.

We imitated the Hong Kong cantonese accent when we saw 2 kids speaking to their mum cos Mr.P pointed out their accent. Then we saw a lady in a very tight T. She forgot her bra? Her nipples were pointing out and it was SO obvious. Then I looked at dardar, seducing him by happily fondling my nipples and told him,"My nipples are pointy too". LOL!

While waiting in line, a group of teens camwhored like crazy. One of them was super gay! They hugged and leaned on each other like they were magnets. Me being 38, took dardar's arm and laid my head on his shoulder :p

Upon entering Starbucks, I was greeted by 3 of the staffs there. Me being one with the HUGE 'appetite' went for the cute chinese guy to ask him of their operating hours. It is natural okay!

Lengzais are roaming the highlands. The bear is on the lose?! Saw quite a handful of gay couples at the theme park too. There was one pair that caught my attention most. A twink with his beefy boyfriend.

Early dinner was at Vietnam House if I am not mistaken. Really good food I reckon. I had chicken curry with rice. Then supper was at Hainan Kitchen. The main course stewed lamb was really GOOD ^__^

Morning breakfast was crazy. Tons of people from all over the world. There was this chinese family that brought along plastic bags to tapau food. I wonder they came from which kampung. =.="

Appetizer: Green salad

Main course: Stewed lamb

Dessert: Almond pudding

~Sugar contents were reduced for the sake of our readers health~

I Am Still Here

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I have not update my blog for I don't know how long. The past week I have been bombarded with tons of report to do. With the exams going on, I kept myself away from blogging. Glad to say, I am doing quite good at the moment. Just received some of the results this past week. So much to update and so much to tell. Not to forget today is the eve of CNY. So many things to do. I will be helping out mum on much last minute cleaning and decorating. No time to even settle down and just chill. And I SO miss my gaming time! I wanna play!!! T_T HELP!!!

Anyway, I will find the time to update you guys. I need some time alone after I have settle all the house chores. Until then, have a happy happy holiday and I wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year ^_^ Have fun!!!

~Gong Xi Gong Xi~

No Where to Hide

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why hide?! I have been out to almost all of my friends. If you guys remembered, Mr. P and I went on the Cameron trip. Tonnes of picture were taken with many thanks to William. The thing is, last week when I told lingling to save my reports into a pendrive, he decided to put the photos in there too. Me not noticing it, I passed the thumbdrive to my coursemates. I guess everyone would be able to predict what would happen. They looked through my stash of photos WITHOUT my permission. What a nice morning surprise when suddenly Patrick came over and we talked about it.

In cantonese...

Pat: Did you know everyone is talking about you and your bf?! They saw all the photos in your pendrive.
Bear: hah?! What photo?!
Pat: You and the guy. They say you 2 so close. Touching touching... why you put those pictures there?
Bear: I didn't put them there la. But OMG! I am a celebrity now!
Pat: =.="
Bear: Aiyah.... Don't care la! I not scared of them. Besides, many people know liao la. Add a few more person oso nothing lu...
Pat: You not scared that something will happen? Like when you go find work next time. You not scared they won't hire you because you are gay?!
Bear: Scared for?! Not like I am a murderer on the lose.
Pat: No lah~ The society here is still very narrow-minded wor...
Bear: You think I care about those numb-skull?! They can remain stupid as they are coz I don't give a damn about them. I am sure there are some if not many that do not care of my sexuality. The others can rot in their own little boxed thinking.
Pat: Malaysia is like that lah~
Bear: And that is why we are not progressing fast enough. People here constantly making little little things as big issues. They would rather use their time to create controversy than to think of what is best for the nation. What a nice wonderful country.
Pat: yeah...

~There is nothing to fear when one is assure of what they want~

Firsts on the 31st

Monday, February 1, 2010

The following are the places and things that I went and did together with you-know-who on the 31st of this month:-

Yuens Garden Dim Sum: This is the dimsum restaurant that appeared in William's blog post a couple of times. Good food for the tummy as well as for the eyes. Most of the waiters are highschoolers but I would better refer them as twinks. After some discussion with the bf, we decided to rename the restaurant. It should be called TwinkyLand Dim Sum Restaurant!!!

Couple Shirt: Both lingling and me wore the same shirt. White T with black stripes. The initial idea of this was so that we look like colleagues hanging out together after a days work. LOL!

Contact lens: Hooray!!! First time wearing contacts for the day. I was given 2 pairs of contacts for a trial. OMG!!! I was so excited! David helped me put them on though. But I managed to remove them on my own. kekeke!

Baskin Robbins: It was the 31st of the month and you would expect a long queu for this ice-cream. First time eating!!! hmmm... really different from the cheap ice-cream I usually eat from the local convenient stores. YUMMY!!!

Studying in Starbucks: I brought along my statistics notes for revision. Lingling had the mango flavoured drink while I got the peach. Woah... Can't believe it. I was studying with the contacts on!

CentrePoint: A mall located in Bandar Utama. We had dinner at Champs with several blogger friends. The food....... Not championing my tastebuds... :p

Mark: The blog owner of Come Into My World. First time meeting him and he was fashionably late due to some reason. hahahaha! So muscular..... I wanted to pinch his pecks too! kekekeke! Opppssss!

~There is always a first for everything~