Am I too Nice?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's amazing how certain people who doesn't even meet me up for a drink or chat can suddenly just pop up out of nowhere and ask me for favour. Honestly, the old me would really try to help these people, but the me NOW will try to ignore them. Just recently, some people called me up so that they can try to sell me insurance. Another talked to me in hopes of using my ID to apply for student car pass for university since I am a final year student. 

Others messaged me to vote for their campaign, pictures and so on. They will tell me how they need to win the competition and get the cash prize cos they are short on money. These same people owns a car, can afford to travel out of Malaysia and have the most updated gadgets. Are they trying to fuck with me?

Finally Over

Friday, January 20, 2012

What a bitch! My so-called 'thesis' have been printed out and is ready for submission this afternoon. I would like to thank the faculty admins for doing a hell of a job. I love it when they set 3 different standards for writing to make my life a living hell (standard A from supervisor, standard B from office admin, standard C from coordinator). Also, thank you to Ms H (my project guide) for ignoring my calls and sms during the process of writing. Seriously, the only person I want to thank and say sorry to is dardar for all the trouble that I have caused him. 
Anyway, the CNY is almost here and it is time to go back to my home in Kepong. I have not gone back to my home ever since the hospital incident. Reason being that my mom and I are not in talking terms. I was enraged by her constant nagging that I am not as good as my friends. Always telling me to not make her heart sick. Consistent reminder to me that I have to do better in studies (anyone wanna tell me how to get higher than 4.0 GPA?). I am just so fed up with all this nonsense. She always make me feel that I am not good enough. Is it really so difficult to praise me even once? Enough is enough already. I am no longer gonna give a fuck about all this shit.