More About Me: Study

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My average score for most test don't fall below 85%. My coursemates assume that I am very hardworking. Just yesterday, my lecturer decided to make me the class role-model. What they don't realize is that I am just as lazy as them. I play Atlantica Online during my free hours. I watch TV at dardar's house. I read Facebook most of the time. I spend time talking to dardar about many things. I am just an average Joe enjoying life in a way I think is enjoyable.

So, how/when do I study?

1) I do last minute revision. I think alot people do the same. Dardar can be my eye witness. I am LAZY.
2) I know my limit/ability. I estimate the minimum amount of time I need to revise the subject to maintain the pointer. I normally take 1 night or 2 to cover 1 subject.
3) If you know the subject have alot of memorizing to do, write short simple notes. I only do this when the handouts are too long and filled with repitition or infos that I think is useless in exams. 
4) Always attend lectures. Pay attention to the tips/hints given by the lecturer. They may say things like "Students normally can't answer when I ask them...", "This is very important", "I may include this in the test".
5) Know the format/ style of the lecturer. If they say they will ask essay type questions, focus more on topics that have comparisons, processes as well as factors that are 5 and more. I would normally avoid definitions if is essay type. If is objective questions I would just read the notes many times and try to memorize those with 3 or 4 factors. 
6) Borrow reference books when you don't understand. Most of the time I only read lecture notes but there are times when I borrow books to get a better understanding on certain topics. This is normally becoz the handouts given don't have good explanations.
7) Study/ practice everyday if you are learning a new language. I am taking Japanese and I study whenever I am not around dardar. In between classes or during lunch break. Then around dardar, I try to speak Japanese with whatever vocab I can recall.
8) Open your mouth! Ask questions when you don't understand. By doing so, you not only get your answers but the lecturer also knows that you are interested in his lecture. They get to know you and remembers your name. They might even get friendly and provide you with their handphone number. This will go a long way if you are expected to be in his/her class for several semesters.
9) Don't be shy, ask for exam tips and guides from lecturers. They MAY or MAY NOT give but at least I will know if he/she does.  

Lastly, study style differs for everyone. The way I study is applicable because I am just taking Bachelor of Aquaculture. Not medicine, pharmacy or engineering.

Weekend Unlike Other

Monday, September 27, 2010

I went back home last weekend. Words to describe it would be bored, eat-all-you-can, workout. Bored coz there is no TV and internet at home. Eat-all-you-can is when my mum cooks lunch with ABC soup, barley wintermelon and jelly. Mum also asked me to eat mooncakes, grapes and plums. Our fridge also have ice-cream, yakults and chocolate. Ever since my sister has been away to uni, the fridge has more food ^__^
Then there is workout, one of the only time that I will workout is when I am totally disconnected from internet. Oppsss... Not forgetting to mention the lots of 'candies' in the morning Kepong market as well as the lengzai living just across the street. Do you know how satisfying it is to wake up on a Sunday morning greeted by a lengzai neighbour that is washing his car topless! The greeting part never happened...

Don't Bitch With Me

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Mid Autumn Festival. I don't know is it becoz I am so used to being with dardar. I miss him. It's not even a day since we parted. Procrastinating my work again. I just don't feel like being the top of the pack any longer. The fire no longer exist. I used to be very competitive. But nowadays receiving the marks I just smile and keep the paper in my bag. Not that I am doing bad in my exams nor am I giving any excuses. Uni life is getting boring. Except for the occasional eye candies. Coursemates are nothing but coursemates. We would not get along. Why? They are all bitch. Just pisses me off from time to time. And I am not playing mr nice guy any more. They always take advantage of Pat. I despise them. Yeah... I am quite protective of my friends.

Are You Gay?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I was in class chatting away with Pat as usual. The lecturer teaching genetics arrived in the class and after sometime before the lesson starts, she striked a conversation.

Lect: You wear only 1 earring. You gay ke?
Bear: (stunned... after 2 months only she noticed) err...
Lect: You know, a guy that likes guys.
Bear: ...
Lect: If not then you think it's fashionable?
Bear: Yeah, cantik ma... (means it's beatiful)
Lect: Oh, lelaki pun mau cantik... (means guys also wanna look attractive)

I guess there are people that thinks you are gay as long as you have an earring regardless of which side. Right side is no longer the gay ear. As long as you have a single ear piercing you are auto-labelled as GAY! LMAO!

Christmas Comes Early

Saturday, September 18, 2010

That night the moon was bright. The fireflies decorated the area surrounding us. As if the place was filled with Christmas trees. Both of us sitting side by side. Our pinky crossing each other. Just romantic.

Spotting a Lala Look

Friday, September 17, 2010

Went shopping with dardar...

price tag still on... LOL... I am not for sale though =P

I Like to Act Cute

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This morning, when I woke up, I had the urge to write this post. It's true to the title. I like to act cute. Why? Sometimes it comes naturally. When my imagination runs wild, I can do actions that catches people's attention. I don't mind the attention. Whether they think I am cute, crazy or dumb. I DON'T care. Sometimes I act cute or silly to make dardar happy. And sometimes I do it to make my friends laugh. I want people around me to be happy. Why the serious face all the time? I just don't get it. Anyhow, I was kinda surprised when I read what Jerry a.k.a Beyond wrote. Seriously, awesome timing! 

I make face. I make anime voices. I dance. I pose. Most importantly, I smile!

Shangri-La Hotel Lunch Buffet @ Wedding

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My coursemate think I look like korean. WTF!

Wedding lunch buffet of my cousin sister was held at the Shangri-la hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Food was amazing. They have many corners to choose from. Whether indian, chinese, japanese or western. They also have dimsum, pastries, cakes(tiramisu, strawberry cheese, chocolate, etc.), crepe, brownies, mousse, chocolate fountain with our choice of marshmellow and fruits. They also have an assortment of cheese! Be it brie, gorgonzola, gouda and many that I have never heard of. Choice of soup includes the sharkfin soup and seafood soup(chunks of shrimps, scallops and fish). Their smoked items were really good, I tried the salmon, duck and some other fish. The most awesome part was their prawns! They totally own it! The prawns were XXL size! If you guys go Yuen Steamboat buffet, just imagine the prawn to be at least 3 times the size of it. Grilled mutton was really good too... Too bad I had no pictures to show. Left my handphone at dardar's home. But did managed to camwhore with sis. Heard from my mum the buffet was RM120 per pax. 

When we arrived at the hotel, I was not amazed by the interior design. Why? My eye was busy kapzai. LOL! There was this tanned chinese guy that caught my attention from the minute I walked into the lobby. I was thinking, "Shit! hopefully he goes to the same wedding buffet as we are..." Seconds later, mum was talking to his mother! She then asked me to go over and greet the old lady. Then mum said "This is your kindergarten classmate". I was like WTF! Where have you been to all this years?!!! Throughout the whole day I kept stealing glances at him whenever I went to take food. I am not all too sad either. I saw him looking at me too most of the time when I try to look at him. If you wonder how he looks like, see the picture just above. That's not him, just someone that resembles alot like him. 

I think my aunt is really modern. She doesn't follow the old traditions for a chinese wedding. Simple and satisfying.

~dardar say the blue shirt looks nice~

Random Joke

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What is happiness without piness(penis)? Just hap, you won't be happy...

Out of Closet to Aunt Jennifer

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Last night there was this family gathering where most of my aunts gathered. As usual, all the greetings went on. Aunt Jennifer came up to me and gave me a thorough check. She was looking from head to toe. LOL. She noticed that I had an ear piercing. So observant of her. She then pulled me aside for interrogation.

A Jennifer: That is on the right ear!
Bear: Ugh... yeah...
A Jennifer: You didn't know it is the gay ear?
Bear: err... I know ah...
A Jennifer: OMG... means you are?
Bear: erm... erm... yea~
A Jennifer: Woah! (she was very surprised and excited at the same time) Are you lying?
Bear: No~
A Jennifer: Your mum know?
Bear: Kinda know lor... I told her before but she told me to stop thinking about it and concentrate on study.
A Jennifer: yeah... ur mum can't accept it. 
Bear: yea I know.
A Jennifer: OMG... Is this for real... OK... I am very excited bcoz I have 2 best friends that are also one of you... You got a bf?
Bear: err... yeah... almost 1 year ady...
A Jennifer: hmm... okay... I respect ur decision. I like you more and more from every meet up. But should be careful not to let ur BITCHY aunt know. (another of my aunt)
Bear: I thought no one here would notice.
A Jennifer: Just be careful. She knows alot of people and she knows many stuff. If she knows, she will be sure to spread it to everyone saying how ur mum don't know how to teach her son.
Bear: Err... okay...
A Jennifer: We can be friends now... hehehe... Add me on FB. May be we can meet up with my besties. They study in UCSI and UTAR.
Bear: ok gua...


Thursday, September 9, 2010

PTPTN do have some efficiency although they are cumbersome to deal with. Within 2 weeks I got my first sum of money. After deducting the uni fees I have 2k left to spend. Mostly on food I suppose. But I really ought to spend more wisely. I have been gaining weight ever since being with Dardar >.<" Ever since we started, our frequency of buffet tolled at once a month! Never in my life have I eaten so many buffet so consistently. Dardar even said 2k is alot to spend if it's just on food. I don't think so though. 2k for half a year I would still need to work part time to fill up the money I spend for the holidays.The money does help, but it is not enough.

KTM Candy

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is another guy that I bump into during the KTM ride from Serdang to MV. Gosh... he is so looking at me... Somehow the guy either notice that I am trying to take his pic or he is into me. LOL! But he looks better in person than in the picture... kehehehe...

Bosco, Fussy Food Choice

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bosco DOESN'T like colour enhancing pellets that I gave him. He was ok with them in the beginning. But when I changed him to a larger tank he somehow no longer wants to eat the pellets I gave. He would nibble nibble the floating pellet then leave it alone. Worse is he would swallow it and then vomit it out. Zzz... The thing is, I don't understand why Bosco doesn't eat the pellets coz my friend Patrick also bought one Betta and the same feed but his fish is eating. I was a little worried cos I bought the pellet for RM8! dammit! so waste lor... plus it was a very small 35g bottle only. At the same time I also bought some artificial powdered feed for one of my projects in uni. My team managed to breed some Molly fish and require some tiny feed in powdered form. So I tried feeding the same powdered feed to Bosco and luckily he likes them. I also bought some frozen bloodworms but have yet to feed him those. The frozen bloodworm only cost RM2! Really cheap and recommended.

~Animals living under pikey's roof are picky eaters~

Bosco, My Siamese Fighting Fish

Friday, September 3, 2010

The past week, I had a field trip to Aquatic International. After scouting for the aquatic plants that was need for the experiment, everyone went berserk looking for the fish that they wanna buy. It has been sometime since I last have a pet of my own. But being in college and going to salmon's place and going back home doesn't make keeping a pet any easier. But salmon has an interest in keeping fish. Just that he doesn't know how. LOL. So I thought a Betta would fit perfectly. They are air breathers. No need aeration. Nice to look at. Initially I wanted to get a halfmoon breed but it costs RM7! For the price I opted the longtail breed which is ony RM1 after discount. Dardar asked me what is his name. It never came to my mind to give him a name but I just blurted Bosco. kyahaha! I think it's a cute name. Same like Nicky gor's favourite Hong Kong artist =P

~Don't release alien species into the local environment~