Cost Optimization Initiatives

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm not sure how many people are sharing my sentiments but things are getting expensive these days. Prices for a lot of stuffs have gone up. And our salary is not on par with the purchasing power we ought to have. This morning, the news have been quite gloomy for the average people on the street. A report by a Swiss bank, indicated that our domestic purchasing power ranking is low, the food prices are going up and there's also another interesting article, with a chart on how much effort we need to pay off our purchases.

Like any company that runs the P&L, Bear and I are also conscious of our spending. With these economic situations, it's always better to spend wisely and have plans for cost optimization initiatives for our monthly budget.

For example, we often go movie outings on a Friday, when there's a 'buy 1 free 1' promotion by Citibank, sharing drinks when eating out. Buy the same food at locations with a lower price, ie hawker stalls, night market instead of bakeries, cafe, etc. Plan out the traveling routes to conserve petrol usage/toll payments, do bulk shopping and take advantage of promotional items. Eat cheaper meat such as chicken instead of pork/fish/beef (I read an article this morning that chicken price is going up, not sure what meat to eat anymore). Buy local fruits instead of imported ones with similar nutritional values. And there's a planned celebration or trip, it's good to plan ahead for the spending hike when it comes.

And the list goes on...

I've once read from a book, 'Poor Dad, Rich Dad', that the first step in financial independence is to eliminate as much debt as possible. With that in mind, I'm trying to be very prudent and giving it a lot of thoughts even when buying air-conditioners, smartphones, new cars etc, when it's always ends up with installments (means more debts).

The question I always ask is, how can we do more with less? When shopping, prioritize the things we need to buy and not the things we want to buy.

Perfect Score

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For once in my uni life I scorred 100% for a test (live feed production). Awesome...

American Idol: Pia Toscano

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Disappointed? Shocked? Not really. Although I didn't imagine her leaving the American Idol so quickly. I thought she would be the last girl to leave the stage. However, she being eliminated is kinda like a now or later thing. She lacks emotions in her singing and she don't have much personality. Unlike the other contestants who are more bubbly or funny. And the thing is, I think American Idol needs someone that could bring something different. Someone who could bring some change to the music industry. Not another Celine Dion or Whitney Houston.

Predictions for top 3, James Durbin, Scotty McCreery and Paul Mcdonald. This is not based on their singing ability, but the way they really know how to connect with the audience.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life is so full of distractions. TV programmes. Online Games. Facebook. I do notice the amount of time I spend doing these unnessary stuff. But are they really unnessary? Sure enough if we don't engage in them we won't die. There are tons of other stuff we can do to fill up our free time. If I enjoy doing them, that's good enough. But if I can enjoy doing them with loved ones, all the more better.

Another thing I learned (in lectures), recreation brings satisfaction and happiness. Satisfaction and happiness affects the mental and physical well being of a person. If you like what you are doing, do what you like.

Although having that said, I haven't really been spending much of my time with piko-chan. Feel abit bersalah. From time to time, I restrain myself from indulging in too much internet game. But those free time were spent reading blogs (yeah... I still read blogs just that I don't really comment nowadays). I wake up early everyday. Like 7.30 even on weekends? While dardar sleeps til like 11 or 12 =.="

Rest of the day just face computer or eat, shower, sleep. Really need some other activities. The only thing he does is jogging. That to me is ......boring. I prefer swimming, badminton or basketball. He also don't play board games. I may not be good but I like playing chess, chinese chess or something that needs a bit of thinking. My ps2 is collecting dust at his home too since he don't play with me T__T

I really need a change. Now is good, but i have a feeling it can be better.