Law of Attraction

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I remember how I never attracted anyone on certain well known gay app. A certain movie reminded me that humans are like animals. We workout to put on muscles. We dress nicely to look good. Style our hair to look stylish. All we do is to look good not just for ourselves, but could be to look presentable and not to humiliate the closest people we consider important to us. In the animal kingdom, most often the male is the on doing the work of attracting the female. Lion with it's mane. Fighting fish and guppies with their colourful fins. Biggest and strongest of the alpha male wins the pack or pride through display of strength and power. 

Humans are no different. Of course we don't dictate how a gay man should be. But the fact remains that big muscular and good looking guys will always attract more potential mate. Same goes with being wealthy and powerful. Some may prefer the cute and twinky ones but in my experience, not many actually. How to market yourself is a choice. I find it ridiculous when people complain how they are unable to attract other guys. If your looks don't work, work your mind and body. Some people enjoy a good communicator with some humour. If it doesn't work, you gotta put in the hard work and flaunt that sexy body.