Law of Attraction

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I remember how I never attracted anyone on certain well known gay app. A certain movie reminded me that humans are like animals. We workout to put on muscles. We dress nicely to look good. Style our hair to look stylish. All we do is to look good not just for ourselves, but could be to look presentable and not to humiliate the closest people we consider important to us. In the animal kingdom, most often the male is the on doing the work of attracting the female. Lion with it's mane. Fighting fish and guppies with their colourful fins. Biggest and strongest of the alpha male wins the pack or pride through display of strength and power. 

Humans are no different. Of course we don't dictate how a gay man should be. But the fact remains that big muscular and good looking guys will always attract more potential mate. Same goes with being wealthy and powerful. Some may prefer the cute and twinky ones but in my experience, not many actually. How to market yourself is a choice. I find it ridiculous when people complain how they are unable to attract other guys. If your looks don't work, work your mind and body. Some people enjoy a good communicator with some humour. If it doesn't work, you gotta put in the hard work and flaunt that sexy body.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Over the past few weeks, I have heard stories of how family disputes carried from previous generations to current ones; gossip among friends on how friend of friends taking advantage of each other, and of course I have my fair share of family stories too- misunderstanding between siblings and parents.

All because on the concerns of money. 

Money can make the world go round and it can also cut the deepest blood bonds. When I am in a situation dealing monetary issues with friends, family and love one, I always try to remind myself to tread very carefully and with enough clarity to avoid any misunderstandings. 

If not, the consequences can put myself between a rock and a hard place.

Once It Was Fresh Meat...

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Back in the good o'days of the internet, like in the IRC, ICQ and MSN era, when I was younger, I was much bolder and carefree. All those chat platforms were great places to meet up with people of "similar interest" and get to chat there. Before the era of smartphones, there was this device called the web-cam. You can do many things with that and imagination is only the limit. Well... you get the idea. 

Now came the hype of Instagram with IG story and etc where you can take pictures and videos of your selfies and post them to people of "similar interest". And these days, we even have apps like Blu*d, Gr*ndr, J*ckD and such. There is so much more integration and convenience.

Of course, then and now are different, especially when one is in a relationship. There should be a line what ought be revealed and what's not. ("should" can sometimes can be such an imposing word with morality attached to it)

These days, will all these euphoria of my selfies in IG, sometimes there is this narcissist feeling to post more revealing pictures. Of course, there is so much implication I have to consider now... 

Parasitic or Symbiotic Relationship

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Many years ago, I have a belief that relationship is not about myself but it is about the other person. And how that person compliments oneself. I truly detest the idea a relationship is to fulfill the void in the heart or a plaster to close up the loneliness. Is such relationship is for self healing or actually loving a person? Then where is the love in it? Perhaps there's love but for ownself. Would this be called parasitic relationship? 

And not so distant time ago, Bear once told me that relationship is like two people walking together in a journey, holding hand in hand. A compliment and to bring out the best of each other. Loving the others and also loving oneself. In my understanding, any feeling of self incompleteness is a self discovery. The other person cannot deliver love to you like a postman delivers a parcel to make you whole. The other person is there to support and love you towards achieving it. Would this be called symbiotic relationship?

I believe with no doubt selfless love is what it takes to walk this long road to old age. When one is on a hospital bed who is longer handsome, no longer excites you in bed, no longer provides you the money and time for vacation and yet still loving that person, i think that person has found true love.

Hmmm, I think the third paragraph above is abit out of topic. Actually I wanna write about symbiotic relationship but my thoughts ran into the concept of selfless love. Nevertheless, looking at what's happening at Taipei last week, so much so about appearance and less substance about love itself, I am pessimistic about this community on achieving relationship that is not based on inflating one's ego to be praised on looking good and seeking the lovers assurance to cover their own insecurities. 

Can't believe I wrote this thru my mobile phone inside my car at a car park. I just do not want to lose my thoughts with other distractions while I'm still at it.

What is love to you?