Life in The Ward

Thursday, November 17, 2011

So i spent 5 days of my life in the ward. Apparently I cocktail of diseases that I had was sign of something worse. The morning on a Sunday, I woke up with some chest pain and difficulty in breathing. I was scared as shit so I told my mom about it. As always, she asks if I wanna go see a doctor. But I just have to spare myself from my mom's full hour lecture of how I never take care of myself (and my mom very panicky and sometimes lack empathy), so I called dardar to come get me to a hospital instead. I had a spontaneous pneumothorax. The doctors estimated that about 90 percent of my left lung was collapsed. What I understand is that my left lung was compressed by air leaked out from my lung. So the doctors punched a hole under the region of my armpit and suck out the air. I was then left in the ward to recover. 

The 5 days spent in Selayang Hospital was actually quite eventful. Friends and family came to visit me. Lecturers, coursemates and teachers messaged me to give me support. What meant to me most was dardar being there for me everyday although not all the time since he needs to work. It's not easy for someone to come visit me everyday after work until almost midnight. I love you so much piko-chan.

The hospital staffs are quite nice to me (those working the morning shifts!). And the male nurse and doctors look quite cute too hehehe... 

 Don't you wish your doctor looks like this~

The last 2 nights there was a total nightmare because there was an old man shouting on top of his lungs for 48 hours without break in some dialect I don't understand. Hardly gotten any sleep those 2 days. Very unfortunately, a man in his 40s with lung cancer opposite my bed died on one night. It was actually one of my hope to see such an event because i wanted to know how things really happen in real life not like in TV. But it's really not a nice feeling because you can feel how the family does not want to give up on the patient when he lost his pulse and heartbeat. Sorrow was in the air as family members cried while doctors could no longer revive the man.

Anyhow, I am now almost fully recovered and can run in no time. Hehehe....

The Cycle

Saturday, November 5, 2011

For the past few months, I have been falling sick, then recover, then sick again, then recover and now sick again. It always starts of with sorethroat, then diarrhea and fever. This time worse, flu and cough have been added to the equation. Aside from my unhealthy lifestyle, the Malaysian weather ought to be blamed. Then couple that with unhygienic food, I end up with a wonderful cocktail of diseases.

Trick (1999)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just watched this movie few days ago. Although I personally find the movie having some scenes a bit weird, I like the story line and cute actors. Mark (JP Pitoc) is a Go-go boy and OMG is the word to describe him. Hot smokin body with a killer smile. I also like his ears, they look so monkey-ish. I have a thing for those type of ears, so cute!!! Then we have Gabriel (Christian Campbell) who looks so much like the younger Ryan Reynolds. Gorgeous eyes and abit of a nerdy look. And did I mention that I have a thing for nerdy looking guys as well.

There several scenes in the movie I like so much. The first was when Mark guided Gabriel's hand carressing his body. Then there was the part where they kiss of course. The ending feels really good unlike other typical gay movies where the main actors end with tradegy or full of sex scenes. Enough said... just watch it.