My Fault, Your Fault, Our Fault

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last night bear was searching for Atlantica. He asked for some assistance from a salmon to help persuade a witch to join bear's party. Salmon gladly lent a hand. He did all that he could to ensure that the bear gets to meet the witch. But salmon did not realize that the witch only likes stronger and more powerful bear. He brought the witch to meet bear. For bear already has a full group of members he had to choose to eliminate one of his allies. The master scouter was voted off. The witch then told bear that she does not like inexperienced master. With that, bear lost his scouter that he persuaded with gold to join and time to train the formation. Bear was unhappy with salmon. He blamed salmon for his lack of knowledge. Moments later bear realize that it was not entirely salmon's fault. Bear himself was too excited to hear the demands of the witch earlier. Salmon apologized but bear just wanted to be left alone.

I guess most humans tend to find fault in others first before reflecting on their own actions. I too am human. I too have blamed others for my misfortunes. That very night, I knew salmon was going to bed. At that moment, I have already realize that it was partly my fault. I wanted to kiss goodnight with salmon and say sorry. But I hessitated. Part of me was still too fired up with the incident. Salmon noticed that I was still awake at 2am. He came to check on me. After a heart to heart to talk, we went to bed with me still feeling useless for not being able to utter those words, "I am sorry".

~Sorry can sometimes be the hardest words to say~

Atlantica Online: The Dawn of a New Hero

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last night bear was playing MapleStory as usual hunting for the golden eggs dropped by golden pigs. Mind you, bear finished up his reports before playing the online game yea... It suddenly struck bear that both bear and salmon has been playing their own online game separately for 6 months plus. Bear have always wanted to play an online game with a partner. Someone that bear could always travel and complete missions with. It seems more fun that way. In the beginning bear thought of luring salmon into playing MapleStory but it didn't work. Bear wanted to try out too the game that got salmon so addicted. Hence he ask salmon to create a new account for em'. From there onwards, starts a new adventure for Bear.

~Virtual or reality, what matters is enjoying the moments together~ 

HIV in Malaysia

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) as we all know is something that no human would ever wish to be infected with. Few days ago I was reading The Star newspaper in the library when an article about AIDS stuff suddenly appear on the bottom of the page. It was reported that most of the new cases were drug abusers which makes up 57%. This is then followed up by 30 percent from heterosexual relationships. It also reported that women infected with AIDS is on the rise from 9.5% in 2000 to 20% in 2008. Muslims on their own contributing 70% of the reports. After that I did some online search only to end up having no information or what-so-ever about the percentage contributed by the LGBT in Malaysia. But some sources have reported that the main cause of the spread recently is due the the lack of knowledge and education. This reflects on how "effective" our education system here in Malaysia. About half a year ago, I was stunned when I watched some gay themed movies seeing some people holding banners and cardboard saying that HIV/AIDS is GOD's punishment on the LGBTs. Now I can only laugh at it coz it's funny when the punishment is now dealt upon heterosexuals. LOL! I have nothing against 'straight' people here. Just sharing some info here.

~Careful where you insert that dicky~