Kuala Terengganu: Turtle Extinction Plan

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Several nights were spent in Kuala Terengganu after Redang and before heading back for KL. The host was kind enough to show us around the town. He brought us to the quite famous Crystal Mosque. Then we had a beach walk at night near the KT hospital. Other places are not worth mentioning. But we did savour the local delicacies they had to offer such as nasi dagang, mi sup and keropok lekor. The host even prepared BBQ on one of the nights. He practically invited the whole kampung. I was stunned seeing the amount of people pouring into his double-storey house. That night we watched the world cup while munching on the satay, hot-dogs and fried noodle.

While the host was busy with his work, he dropped us at the town. We manage to get our asses to several locations such as the chinese street, Masjid Raja Putih and the market. We took our time doing some souvenir shopping at the market place. I was actually fascinated by the varieties of never-before-seen stuff such as turtle eggs! My first time seeing one. I am not happy about it though. Talk about wildlife conservation and protection. The locals at Terengganu told me that there are not much turtles that return to lay eggs anymore. The reason is clear... they harvest the eggs and sell them. The Malay girls that traveled with me actually thought of buying them. I was like WTF! As for shopping there, I advise that any non-malays should have malay friends traveling with them to get good discounts. I would have enjoyed the trip more if it was not for the sunburn. Skin was peeling off from all over my face to my shoulder! Ouch! 

~Conservation efforts in Malaysia sucks to the core~

PTPTN = Bitch?

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's a bitch coz it is sooo freakin troublesome. From filling in online application and printing them out to photocopy all necessary documents. Then I would need to get it back home for mum to sign. Then find my academic advisor to sign the stuff. RM20 stamps from the post office and past semester results. Then comes the letter from BHEP to confirm that I am still a student or UPM. Back and forth I go. A lot of the time was actually spent on walking and taking bus. Although, I did meet several cute guys in the whole process. hehehe... one of them is Alex. I wish I could snap a picture of him. He has those puppy eyes that is oh sooo cute >.<

Oppsss... :p

~Bear hates troublesome stuff~

Pulau Redang: Malaysian Paradise

Friday, August 20, 2010

I spent the night before in a not so traditional Malay kampung. The host were really generous, we had a taste of the few durian kampung before we head out. Heavenly! To top that off, the malay siblings are really cute! I like it when guys are topless walking around the house. kekeke...

The sky was clear on the day we departed for one of the most beautiful island beach that Malaysia had to offer. Her name was Redang.The boat ride was one to remember. I sat at the head of the boat. I feel the ocean breeze. The late morning ray beaming on my skin. Nature at its best. Sitting right there on the front most made me feel as if I am the captain of the boat. Just like Luffy in One Piece.

Approximately 45 minutes later, we arrived at the beach with crystal clear water. I really couldn't believe my eyes at that moment. It was just breathtaking. For my entire life I have only seen such scenery in documentations or pictures. The waters were clear blue-green with the sand on the beach seemed bleached to white perfection. It was no 5 star accommodation. Only small little chalets with a tinge of melayu-ness. It was quiet. No hunky beach boys. No speedo-man sun tanning on the beach. No annoying kids releasing their load of youth on the beach. Just peaceful, serene and almost deserted. Good for those that wants a break from the constant noise pollution that the city offers. 

 Days here was spent snorkeling and sleeping. I love to sleep on those comfy bed. This was also my first time snorkeling. I do know how to swim but the sight of the really deep sea actually did sent chills down me spines. I was hoping to see some sharks but at the same time I don't wanna be in the water with them. LOL! I don't wanna lose any part of my body =.="

Having that said, I still entered the water. Lots of beautiful fish. All attracted by the bread crumbs that divers threw into the water. When there was no more bread, the fish started nibbling on my feet and arms. I became fish food! The ocean floor was filled with tons of sea cucumber and corals. But the corals are sad to say DEAD.  Spot no sea turtle. No a sight of any sharks. Sigh. Kinda disappointed. 

Snorkeling on its own is really different from swimming. A lot more easier I would say. 1 thing though, I don't understand why people only swim 10 metres around the boat for 2 freakin hours. What is there to see in that same spot?!

~Where are the sea turtles?~

Bear Speaks Japanese

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bear was really excited when the deputy dean told bear that he was allowed to take japanese for his elective subjects. There were many misunderstanding that happened between the ex-deputy dean and the students from bear's course. The ex-deputy dean informed us that we may only take subjects that are printed on the guideline even for our free electives. That was a total bullshit! In the guideline was written a couple 'suggestions' quoted by the current deputy dean that includes only Mandarin, Arab or advance english courses. For chinese students aren't allowed to take Mandarin, they can only choose between the english or arab. Doesn't make sense right? It was written as free electives and why is it that we must only pick from that few options. Bear was really pissed when he found out about the falsely given info from the deputy dean coz during orientation week we were told that we may choose any subject of our liking as long as we fulfill the 6 credit hours requirements. 

Putting that aside, bear am now proudly 3 weeks old in japanese study. Memorizing Hiragana was a pain in the butt. Now bear have to memorize Katakana that have the same sounds but different writings! It's agonizing to have to study a new language and at the same time having 4 labs a week with 2 projects going on. Anyhow, the japanese lecturers were really helpful. Bear wished that he could be under Farah sensei though. She gives more exercises for writing purposes. Eriko sensei that bear is currently under is a busy women. But she's from Japan! Cool huh! Good thing about her is she also teaches us about japanese culture. She is quite a cartoon character. Why? She always wear her clothes in sets of colours. Meaning, she wears either all red or all green from glasses to shoes and even her earrings! Any how, next week is test 1, have to add oil!

~ がんばってください ~

The Footprints of Brave Bear: 1 year old

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It has been a year since I have started blogging here in blogspot. Things have changed alot then when I first started blogging. I caught myself a salmon through this blog. Met plenty of other bloggers that are all unique in their very own way. Even had an encounter with a reader non-blogger that turn out as an 'experiment'. I first started blogging with support from several friends of mine which I am unsure if they are still following my blog or not. But I still have to thank JY, WH and LL for their encouragements and comments. To all readers, followers, and supporters thank you too for being here, regardless you are a silent follower or loud ones that likes to comment.

As for my lack of updates, there has been many things happening in my life that I find myself too tired to update the blog. You may call me lazy or whatever but I will still find the time to keep this blog alive, so bare with me awhile. Several posts are delayed for now due to many photos still not in my hands yet. Again, I sincerely thank you for joining me in my walk of life. As a token of appreciation~

P.S: This post was set to be posted on July 31 but somehow it didn't show up. Blogspot is to blame...

~ ありがとう ~