I Love You

Monday, February 28, 2011

25th of February. Last friday at 8.25pm was the time I received a message from my mum. I was at Alamanda Putrajaya after watching Sanctum. I thought she was gonna ask me if I wanna go back home this weekend. Apparently not. It was an MMS written "I Love You". She had never said those words. Never wrote them. For a moment I was speechless. I never felt happier in my life. I had a feeling of belonging. An urge to go home and spend time with her. I know she is happy when I am home. Having me to talk to. I just wish I have the same courage to say those words to you. Mum, I Love You.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Went watch it with piko-chan last night. I think it was awesome. Lets see... First off, I like the characters. Josh in the movie is so lengzai. huhuhu! Then the story, trapped in a deep cave with a storm hitting. We can see the different sides of human when they are faced with life and death situation. Making tough decisions. Survival skills. Ego and principles. Trust. An unspoken love of a father. 

On another note, my FYP presentation went well. Received some good comments. My supervisor was also satisfied with my performance. The night before I couldn't sleep at all. Rehearse few times before sleep. But keep dreaming of presentation stuff and waking up. Anyhow, still have to act energetic on that day. Damn relaxed after the presentation though. Yippie!!!  


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Friends come and go. At least that was when I was still studying. There is one particular guy that first taught me how to play digimon on ps1. I would go over to his home and play together. Sometimes he would come to mine. We were about 11 years old back then. It all started with games only. Then, I slowly developed interest in him. I was curious to check out his weener back then. I would try to spy on him when he goes to the toilet. Didn't manage to see it, but I did manage to grab it once! That was when I won him in the digimon battle. hehehe... 

Last time before I go to bed, I would be thinking of him. Think of how nice the next day would be if I get to meet him again. At that time I really felt that he was lengzai. No other sexual thoughts though. I didn't even know what was frenching until form 3. But one thing is confirmed, I was interested in 'bananas' only even at that stage. 

I have forgotten that he was actually the first guy that I started showing signs of attraction towards the same gender until we recently reconnected each other on FB. Memories... Besides him, I have got 2 other friends on my FB list that I lost contact after we left primary school and only recently found each other. All thanks to FB ^__^

Singing Heart

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Totally inspired by tuls, the walking Ipod. I have always like to sing. Just that I didn't realize it til someone blogged about it. It all began humming when I was in primary school. Then started singing and memorizing lyrics thanks to Westlife (Shane is awesome cute!). I only sing to myself back then. Scared will kena critic. Then as I go secondary, life become music-less. Too caught up with all activities that I didn't give a shit about singing anymore. However, the melodies came back to me when Guang Liang was out with his song Tong Hua. This time, I sang to me sisters. They would also sing along and we would criticize each other. As time goes by, I began singing to dardar. We would sing together in the car, bathroom, elevator, staircase. But dardar will try to shut me up when I sing on the streets. He dun like too much attention >.<".

Beyonce, Mariah, Westlife, Guang Liang, Avril, Maroon 5 just to name a few of my fav. I like the older songs though. Somehow I am not really up-to-date with the songs. Just sing those that like.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

I get some weird dreams sometimes. Those short flashes of certain scene that doesn't really make any sense. Puzzled, confused, I would normally forget about them. But those instances would resurface at moments I least expect. There will be a sense of familiarity. As if I was re-living the moment. Twice this morning. I think my powers are getting stronger.

Can you see the future? LOL!

 Phoebe from Charmed

My Current Stand

Friday, February 11, 2011

In response to a comment by anonymous, "well, it juz like, she might want u to get married and have a bunch of grandson/daughter for her...from ur blog i think u d only boy isnt it? so isnt juz u should carry ur family name to ur next generation...well, that's my opinion..sorry, no offence"

No offense taken.

My mum told me that she wants to travel around the world and not be my kids babysitter. Not that I do not want kids. I don't mind having adopted kids. Plus, when Hins Cheung came out, my mum still adored him and said that whoever he loves is his personal business. 

As for my family name, I don't think I have any obligations towards it. I am not into all the traditional stuff like passing on my name or whatever.

Honestly, if u are in pain because u are doing something unwillingly (such as studying medicine when your interest is fashion) do u not think that ur mom would feel the pain too. I think most parents just want to see their kids happy. My mom used to say that I should be a doctor or lawyer like most chinese parents would want. I said no because I have no interest at all. Rather than walking down a road unwillingly, I always believe that we should try to talk things out. I also believe in flexibility and freedom of choice as long as no harm onto others are done.

Top 5 Red Packet

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This year I have picked out 5 of my favourite red packet design from those that I have received. I don't normally care about the designs because all I want is the $$ in it. LOL... 

From the left we have Jusco AEON, followed by Standard Chartered, Yakult, Yeo's and Juice Works. The Best overall design goes to Jusco. The rosy red background, cute rabbit and gold writing wins. The quality of the paper also doesn't look cheapo. 2nd placing goes to the simple yet classy Standard Chartered. The picture taken spoils it but in real looks better. The other 3 are just to fill up the other placings coz top 5 sounds better than top 2... hahaha... Oh, but the Juice Works red packet has a 20% discount voucher on their tumbler products. Worth checking it out if you're planning to get 1. 

One of the red packet above contains money. Wanna guess which one? No prizes though... LOL...

My Favourite Dog

Monday, February 7, 2011

I like golden retriever but they get a little too big. I am totally terrified of big dogs T__T

The best is still mini schnauzer. They are extremely adorable. They are so moustachie that they look grandpa-ish. They look so fun to play with. But I can almost never get one. My attention span towards pets wouldn't even last 2 weeks. LOL

What Do Y'all Think?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I know it's Chinese New Year. It's all jolly nice and happy. Everyone is thinking of fun and food but mostly the latter I supposed. Yesterday, my friends came over to my home to "bai nian". A certain friend of mine did not make it and hence my mum ask why he wasn't here. Apparently, his father got cancer. Here is the situation, would you guys still visit him at his home or just leave them alone? Some of my friends think that we shouldn't be disturbing them. But in my opinion I think he needs our support. I tried calling him but he didn't answer the phone. I don't know if he was trying to avoid my calls but I really wish that he and his family are able stay positive.

And Happy New Year to all. May all that is reading this will have good health and a happy new year.