Finally Over

Friday, January 20, 2012

What a bitch! My so-called 'thesis' have been printed out and is ready for submission this afternoon. I would like to thank the faculty admins for doing a hell of a job. I love it when they set 3 different standards for writing to make my life a living hell (standard A from supervisor, standard B from office admin, standard C from coordinator). Also, thank you to Ms H (my project guide) for ignoring my calls and sms during the process of writing. Seriously, the only person I want to thank and say sorry to is dardar for all the trouble that I have caused him. 
Anyway, the CNY is almost here and it is time to go back to my home in Kepong. I have not gone back to my home ever since the hospital incident. Reason being that my mom and I are not in talking terms. I was enraged by her constant nagging that I am not as good as my friends. Always telling me to not make her heart sick. Consistent reminder to me that I have to do better in studies (anyone wanna tell me how to get higher than 4.0 GPA?). I am just so fed up with all this nonsense. She always make me feel that I am not good enough. Is it really so difficult to praise me even once? Enough is enough already. I am no longer gonna give a fuck about all this shit.


Twilight Man said...

Cool it bro...mothers only one, she is too kan-jiong over you la... Happy Chinese New Year!

Vincent Goh said...

At least yours is over. Mine just started T.T