You Again Movie Review

Thursday, November 18, 2010

 Adorable James Wolk & Odette Yustman

The movie depicts how school life is for some of us. It also tells of how the experiences makes us to be who we are today. Everyone goes true different stuff in their life. Some being the bullies and some being the ones that always get picked on. Some always shine in the spotlight while others just being the background. You know how some people always tend to be the ones in the middle of the picture. The famous one that everyone wants to stand with. I am never that person. Always being by the side of pictures is me. But things took a change when I entered uni. People notice me. As much as I dislike my coursemates, they aren't that bad. I reevaluated my friends from high school and sad to say, I find some of them too fake. Some of them say they care about me when they actually never even get to know me. Some old friends suddenly turned cold for whatever reason they have.

 Sean Wing is so CUTE!!!

In the movie, Kristen Bell had a shock of her life when she discovers that her arch nemesis was going to marry his brother, James Wolk. Dwelling in her miserable past, she did everything possible to prevent Odette Yustman (The Bully) from marrying her brother. But of course in the end she forgives her for what was already in the past. This is what I like about the movie, it tells us that no matter what wrong doings a person might have did to us in the past we should always give them a second chance. People can change. Carrying a bag of hatred can be really tiring. Taking revenge might backfire and makes things worse. 

Jamie Lee Curtis & Sigourney Weaver (also rivals in the movie)

If you are looking for some movie to just laugh it all out, this is a good one. The 2 guys are really cute too. Hehehe...


Twilight said...

I should have watched this instead of "The Child's Eye" which scared the shit out of me with the 3-D effects. I urinated in my pants!!

William said...

Well, friends come and go.