Tako clouds

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Something seems familiar
the crystal clear skies
the setting somewhere in the highlands
beautiful flowers
as I was walking on a trail of flowers
the skies slowly turned dark
as if a monster is being born from the sky
covering all possible sunlight
it engulf the skies
dark clouds growing
tentacles reaching out the white fluffy ones
forming an image of a giant octopus
It just kept growing
vicious wind kept blowing
as if a vacuum
pulling me closer to the epicenter
I tried to head to a shelter nearby
but every steps seems so heavy
as if chains of weight have been sealed upon my legs
I see a family
a young girl
next a boy
then came the father
the mother closely behind
they ran happily towards the giant monster
they ran so effortlessly
while my whole body could hardly budge
as if a spell has been cast upon me
it was so tiring
but somehow I know
my destination is the shelter
With huge wide steps I take
I know I will make it
but the monster
as if trying to swallow me
drew closer
and closer
and that is when
I see the lights of reality again
second time
the same world
~I dont like giant Tako~


William said...

Giant kite?

Giant Octopus?

Gratitude said...

Waaaa so dramatic. i thought there wuz gonna be a hurricane. :P

Bravebear said...

William, giant octopus! the 8-legged freak tried to suck the life out of me! okok... exaggerating a little but the post not exaggrated... haha...

Gratitude, I can recall my dreams(trying to say I have a high IQ here)... this dream occurred for the second time(again LOL)!

Gratitude said...

LOLZ dreamt twice? that's super intelligent then. Doesn't say much about humility thou' Hahahaha

Bravebear said...

Gratitude, tee hee! :D
Never thought I missed out so much not blogging earlier... You guys know so much and I am so happy and grateful to have met you guys here. Well, its never too late~ wee~