Barbecue turned Steamboat

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Owh... I am STUFFED! I mean it. Went over to my babysitter's house at Taman Desa. We were invited to a so-called barbecue gathering but when we got there we noticed no fireplace! My sisters were disappointed as they were really looking forward to barbecue. We noticed a few large pots around and immediately knew its steamboat. Well, for me its all the same as long as there is FOOD! The soup was amazing~ gosh! it was perfectly sweet. The prawns were HUGE in containers with green mussels, scallops, salmon. Lotsssss of mushroom. Yummy! They even prepared 'Hak Yee Gai' or beggar chicken??? Along with roasted duck. OMG! I ate = (mum + 2sis) X 5

AHEM... for the very 1st time. Bear took Carlsberg! 1 can only la... HAHAHA... well, can't be blamed okay! my mum was around and the uncle and auntie only allow my to wallop 1. My second time consuming beer. The 1st one was Tiger during CNY. Hmm... between the 2, Carlsberg tasted better to me. Yups... Cheers!

~All you can eat steamboat buffet FOC~


Just B3cks said...

don;t take beer too much. will make ur tummy bloated like pregnant women hehehe... kidding..