Footprints of B & J

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I wander the dark forest
not knowing where to go
lost & lonely
but there you were
smiling at me
you came near me
and asked of my name
I answered not
for you were a stranger
but you never gave up
patience you clearly stated
again and again
you tried so hard
I never spoke a word
you never asked of my ignorance
I walked off quietly
closely you followed
every step i took
moments later
a log I found
Berlinia was its name
I sat down
taking deep breaths
you stood beside me
asking if you could sit next to me
answer I did not
you sat beside me
Again you asked
What's your name?

And that's how the tale began. The story of a curious bear that came across an ignorant bear. J the curious bear & B the ignorant bear. The year 2001 was the mark of a new chapter in the books of bears, 'The Footprints of Brave Bear'...

~what's your name?~