Think Not Ting

Friday, October 1, 2010

Lui Yan striked a conversation with me before Japanese lesson.

Lui Yan: Come on... the next quiz okay?(signalling me to 'help' her out with the next evaluation)
Bear: err... I think you should revise more often. Then, there is no need for my assistance.
Lui Yan: Wah... You think and you don't ting.
Bear: huh?
Lui Yan: You THINK and you don't TING!
Bear: So?
Lui Yan: Normally malaysians pronounce think as ting. But you don't!
Bear: hmm... I thought most people around here wouldn't notice.
Lui Yan: I do!

It somehow surprised me when she pointed out my pronunciation. Honestly, no disrespect to you guys out there but I have encountered many people with great vocab and writing style but when it comes to speaking they really suck. I don't mean pronouncing bombastic words but simple words such as 'dick', 'tree', 'three', 'eight' or 'birthday'. Seldom do people realize that they have been eating many alphabets such as -k at the back or th- in front of a word.


Twilight said...

So many graduate bloggers still write broken grammar and speak horrendous English. Creeps and goose bumps, they emit! LOL

Gratitude said...

I'll be so self-conscious at our next meet ISH!

Whizkid said...

Aiya, no problem de lar. Worse if u talk to those foreigners in UPM. Sometime dun understand 1. However, i am still consider okay-lar in speaking.

Ultraman Jino said...

me me me! i am one of the people who cannot pronounce θ sound properly. i scored low for my english test in my company because of that...

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