Shark Tale

Monday, October 4, 2010

I have never felt more dreaded than this Monday morning. Reluctantly I went for the usual genetics lecture. I swear I could have fall asleep if the room temperature was any colder. I could barely understand anything the prof was talking about. My brains just wanna shutdown and enter sleep mode. The clock striked 12, everyone leapt with joy. By the time i woke up from my induced zombie state, half of the class has already left. About 10 of them were still around as they need to resit some failed paper. Pat and I then walked out of the lecture room and found ourselves in a pretty scary situation.

Some coursemates were chatting with Prof Shark.

Prof Shark: Who is Bear?
Prof Shark: You know who is Bernard Bear? (asking Pat)
Pat:... (pointing at me)

Shit! What does the shark wanna do with me.  Some shit is bound to happen!

Bear: yea, anything?
Prof Shark: So you are Bear. You are the top scorer?

WTF! How the heck did he know. I did not cheat in exam!

Bear: err... is there any problem? (still don't know what is his intention)
Prof Shark: Tak de (no problem). Keep it up.
Bear: okay...

Pat suspects that the coursemates might have leaked some info to him that leads him to me. Gosh! He is one of the lecturers that I would wanna avoid at all cost. He is not named Prof Shark for nothing. Anyway, I got away unscathed. Bound to meet him again during the FYP presentation. I smell trouble!


nicky05 said...

Shark eat Bear?

Koala Express said...

bear, shark n genetics. hmmm tak paham. lolx... no worries. its ur personal life. perhaps due to the lately news of gay suicide

Little Dove said...

Hold your head up high for you achieved it through hard work and intelligence. :)

Twilight said...

Throw blood at the shark next time! He will swim away biting a drift wood happily.

Gratitude said...

Someone told him about "kisah percintaan di kedua penghujung LDP"?