Birthday and Presents

Monday, December 14, 2009

Yups! Here are the presents. 13th of December was the birthday of my sis, Bernice and my roomie, Meng. Meng organized a birthday party at his home that night and I had my dinner there lor. I had a near vegetarian diet there lor. LOL! The only meat I ate was those tiny pieces in the fried vermicelli. And I took a mostly the mushrooms, broccoli, and tofu. I had tons of watermelon =) SWEET! Right after the party, Lee, Ben, Chean and I went For L4D 2. Fun! The graphics was better and there are more weapons and more zombies too! Cool!

Octopus bank for Meng!

Blackforest cake from Kimki.

A pig wrist support for my sis!

Bernice posing!

~Happy Birthday~


pikey said...

Ah~~ the cake pic is getting me very hungry liao.. lol

nicky05 said...

the presents is cute..heheheheh..XD

Gratitude said...

So skinny yet on a veg diet?
You should be gorging on MEAT!

William said...

What a cute octopus bank!

manglish said...

i tot usually blackforest is usually black??????? i love tat octopus

Bravebear said...

Pikey, it's getting me hungry too~ LOL!

Nicky, hehehe...

Gratitude, vege are my favourite... Abit sick on meat liao :p

William, cute leh~ kekeke!

Manglish, hmmm... I 1st time see a Blackforest wor... My sis say its Blackforest mah. Maybe can name it Whiteforest next time :p

foongpc said...

The octopus bank is soooooooo cute! Can I have one?

Yummy blackforest cake - I'm really hungry now!!!

What the heck is a pig wrist support?