Polling Eve

Saturday, May 4, 2013

People still flooding in to the store today. Maybe to stock up on food in case there will be a riot? I would have thought that a big sum of these people are back in their respective hometown getting ready to poll. Not the case at Bandar Utama. ish... 

A handful of colleagues were talking about voting for BN to get holiday on the following Monday. Hopefully they don't vote for BN... I dread the day that my sister graduates without 1st class and needs to pay back the PTPTN loan. She is not working material (sigh...). I really doubt that she could managed to get a good paying job (she claims that getting a job with 3k salary, good boss and time flexibility would be easy). 

I ponder upon a few stars if she is still living in the realm of reality. To test this, I asked her if she knew the average pay of a waiter/cashier at McD. I was left speechless when she said RM20 per hour. That's why I strongly believe that the Opposition must form the new government or I will be cursed with a high spender, high debt sister. 

I also want the tolls gone, my poor Touch N Go card have been reduced to a mere RM0.30 worth after my last usage today. Oh holy PR, save us from the evil clutches of BN vampires.


Steve Finnell said...

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ichimaru akira said...

my sister is also the same like urs