Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just to update,I have gotten my sim card and the handphone is up and running. My home desktop has also been repaired but unfortunately some incident has rendered it sick again. Also thanks to the same person that my laptop went into hibernation mode. For the past week I have been attending to assignments, reports and examinations. Well, actually I am not really that busy. Just some excuse to pull myself away from blogging. LOL! I have been busier watching Heroes season 4 honestly. Other movies include The Blade trilogy and Clash of the Titans. The titans was in 3D with dardar and it was an utter disappointment. Lets not talk about that anymore. I have also invested much of my time in playing FB games (Mousehunt, Restaurant City, Hotel City, etc.). I am finally a Lord in Mousehunt. Hurray!

The T in this picture has been stolen!

My second sem second year is coming to an end. I have noticed a considerable change in the attitude and behaviour of my coursemates. Some have gotten closer to me. Some have learned to share even in exam period. Some are planting evil seeds but still dare to ask fertilizer from me. Given my current circumstances I am not simply giving out fertilizers any longer.

Lets put my coursemates aside. With the new batch of freshies coming in, I am expecting more candies for the eyes. This sem has been nice coz I have been bumping into a few cute guys during lunch time. Just heavenly...

~Every living being has 24 hours a day~


William said...

Cute freshies? Time to set up the spy cam.

pikey said...

Hmmmm..... more campus eye candies stories to hear next sem... and dont forget your revision la.. >.<"


the happy go lucky one said...

hahaa i am going to quit restaurant city soon, still few more dishes to complete kekeee...
lolll at the eye candy part, sounds like a great sem ahead wor :)

Ultraman Jino said...

guess that we will finish our sem almost the same time? apa plan then?

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

count astaroth said...

hail Lord Bernard!XD

nicky05 said...

Haiz...sad..after my exam I will have 2 or 3 weeks holiday, then new batch coming. :x

Bravebear said...

William, the bathrooms?

Pikey, I didn't forget my revision :p

Lucky, UPM has quite a number of walking candies... hahaha!

Jino, work lor... We can meet up makan minum oso!

Count, where's my food?!

Nicky, apa sad jek? New batch new candies. Rejoice!