Firsts on the 31st

Monday, February 1, 2010

The following are the places and things that I went and did together with you-know-who on the 31st of this month:-

Yuens Garden Dim Sum: This is the dimsum restaurant that appeared in William's blog post a couple of times. Good food for the tummy as well as for the eyes. Most of the waiters are highschoolers but I would better refer them as twinks. After some discussion with the bf, we decided to rename the restaurant. It should be called TwinkyLand Dim Sum Restaurant!!!

Couple Shirt: Both lingling and me wore the same shirt. White T with black stripes. The initial idea of this was so that we look like colleagues hanging out together after a days work. LOL!

Contact lens: Hooray!!! First time wearing contacts for the day. I was given 2 pairs of contacts for a trial. OMG!!! I was so excited! David helped me put them on though. But I managed to remove them on my own. kekeke!

Baskin Robbins: It was the 31st of the month and you would expect a long queu for this ice-cream. First time eating!!! hmmm... really different from the cheap ice-cream I usually eat from the local convenient stores. YUMMY!!!

Studying in Starbucks: I brought along my statistics notes for revision. Lingling had the mango flavoured drink while I got the peach. Woah... Can't believe it. I was studying with the contacts on!

CentrePoint: A mall located in Bandar Utama. We had dinner at Champs with several blogger friends. The food....... Not championing my tastebuds... :p

Mark: The blog owner of Come Into My World. First time meeting him and he was fashionably late due to some reason. hahahaha! So muscular..... I wanted to pinch his pecks too! kekekeke! Opppssss!

~There is always a first for everything~


William said...

Like colleagues? You gotta be kidding me!

pikey said...

Hmmmmm... from the reactions of the crowds, the effect of couple shirt was more effective, LOL. It was a first for me to do this.

And agreed with you on the Champs too.

Evann said...

Couples shirt? Colleagues hanging out together? Don't bluff larrr!! Haha! Act so innocent only.... Mehh!

Takashi said...

SO there was the second invite which i didnt quite get lol...

Lucas said...

takeshi... i didnt even get the first k... *sulking*
couples shirts are soooooo cute! gosh bbear, its nice to see that ur soo happy with ur ling ling! hugs

manglish said...

waaa so openly flirting with muscle mary in front of your ling ling...tsk tsk tsk but way to go bear!!!! hahahaah

Mark said...

Oh first time having BR? I don't really fancy it coz I thought it was too sweet.

You both look so cute lah in matching shirts, tak boleh tahan. Sweeter than BR d. Next time must check for matching undies...XD

Really nice meeting you guys btw. Hope I didn't make too much noise ^^

Gratitude said...

The last comment wuz so noti...but cute! :P

Bravebear said...

William, even anton felt that we looked like colleagues haging out together le. Means that it worked on certain people!

Pikey, our homecooked dinner is way better than theirs.

Evann, I am very innocent! O.O can't you see the sparkling little eyes?! wuahahaha!

Takashi, at least you got the 1st to brag about?! LOL!

Lucas, hehehe! You go get one oso la~

Manglish, just voicing out my thoughts lu. I have nothing to fear. ATM at least. LOL!

Mark, it was really nice meeting you. But I am always shy on the 1st meeting and the 2nd and the 3rd... LOL! Need some time to talk comfortably.

Gratitude, I am an innocent naughty boy. hmmm... innocent and naughty together... LOL!

Ultraman Jino said...

beh tahan your couple shirt. colleagues? might as well wear formals then definitely no one will suspect a thing.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

nicky05 said... guys should hold each other hands in public area lo......hahahahahahaha...;p

Bravebear said...

Jino, good idea... hahahaha! Maybe can try sometime. lol!

Nicky, got hold ah... you want see? wuahahaha...