Trick (1999)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just watched this movie few days ago. Although I personally find the movie having some scenes a bit weird, I like the story line and cute actors. Mark (JP Pitoc) is a Go-go boy and OMG is the word to describe him. Hot smokin body with a killer smile. I also like his ears, they look so monkey-ish. I have a thing for those type of ears, so cute!!! Then we have Gabriel (Christian Campbell) who looks so much like the younger Ryan Reynolds. Gorgeous eyes and abit of a nerdy look. And did I mention that I have a thing for nerdy looking guys as well.

There several scenes in the movie I like so much. The first was when Mark guided Gabriel's hand carressing his body. Then there was the part where they kiss of course. The ending feels really good unlike other typical gay movies where the main actors end with tradegy or full of sex scenes. Enough said... just watch it.