New Year's Resolution

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is with this new year's resolution? I didn't even know that such thing existed until somewhere last year. It was through blogging that I discovered people actually have new year's resolution (NYR). And so, what is my very first NYR? Let's see... I have thought hard about ( for about 2 minutes)... My NYR would be to have none at all. I don't really have a specific target that I wanna achieve. All this while, I just wanna be an extraordinary person living a simple and happy life. Weird? Deal with it.

Let's see here, piko-chan said last year his NYR was to achieve six-pack abs that I could scrub my laundry with. But in the end, he ended up working out less than his usual routine =.="

Other bloggers that I am lazy to name don't feel like naming have a long list of NYR. I totally blame my lack of 'desire to plan' on the chapter of disadvantages of planning that I read last year for my finals. I am not joking, that small tiny chapter exist in the notes and was one of the questions that was asked in the finals. Conclusion is I don't have NYR ^__^


pikey said...

lols.. i like what Calvin is saying to Hobbes.

tuls said...

i dont have too.. no need to have resolutions all.. just go with the flow!! :)

Ultraman Jino said...

agree with tuls. you are not going to meet your resolutions anyway haha. i had mine last year but none was accomplished.

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