end and start

Saturday, August 1, 2009

the only drink available besides mineral water

vegetarian... not exactly a fan of it >.<
my sis bo suang me calling her a servant


Hi to all... thx for the support and i hope all u guys will enjoy this...
its a new start here in blogger but sadly(not really that sad) something has come to an end.
just came back from grandma's house... it seems that my grandpa ended his journey this morning so my mom, sis and i went over to tengok-tengok... so many ppl there. make me feel awkward cos i hardly know any of them. anyway lepas makan i took a nap till like 1am?
nothing to do there cos all adults (sien-nye)

have been workin my butt off for this blog(duh... i am so teruk at all this on9 thingy)
thats y i am learning. so be patient ya =)
do stay tune...

^^for every beginning there is an end^^


Anonymous said...

send my regard to ur family...stay strong berno~