The Black Parade

Sunday, August 2, 2009

~.~ sounds of some1 typing at 8am in my room... my sis online-ing in my room...
geez... just 4 hours of sleep and my mom came into my room and told me to wake up. I was like "what?, i still need my beauty sleep..."
then my mom pun tanya "u want go to the funeral anot? get dressed now"
went to my wardrobe then realize no black clothes =.=" i like red color mah...
*shit! what to wear* went down to the living room and saw my only black shirt that i wear to lectures... no choice... grabbed it and put on my jeans.

at the parade, took a seat beside my mom. suddenly this aunty beside her start talking to my mom. the usual again, greet every1 u meet even if u dunno them.
what a drag and i don't recognize them... *grumble* hungry!!! i realized i tak makan breakfast!!!

watched the ceremony... so gloomy~ sound of ppl crying... tak tahan betul...
really dont like these kind of parade.

then later on march to the entrance of jinjang to naik bus...
no seats gotta stand!!! great, what a day~ SLEEPY~
about 15 minutes later reach the place where they incinerate the corpse.
dunno whats the place called lah~
wait wait wait... finally time to balik. not to my home... what the???

upon arrival at jinjang... FOOD!!! i am starving!!! vegetarian again but this time with mushroom ^^ no pictures tho~ i was super hungry okay...

back at home sleep till now~
MOM! don't take me to funerals again!