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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A trip to Mines...

Hehe... what a day. Bear went shopping for clothes and in the end only can afford to get 1...

SAD T.T saw many that Bear wanted to buy.... but not enuf money~

then balik time waited for 1 and a half hour for the bus. It was worth the wait though. Bear saw many people like him too ^^

Bear talked to 2 girls... 1 chinese lookin' and 1 indian lookin'...

Bear thought they were locals BUT turns out that they aren't.

Li Yang(medic) and Ruti(vet) are their names... we chat n chat... Li Yang despite from China, she likes japan alot... Bear asked her bout the history between China & Japan and her feelings about it. Li Yang said "Its all in the past, a history. Yeah... we remember about it but its pointless to have any grudge against them. Instead, we should learn from it. Japan is a strong country and i actually admire them. I even learned Japanese just so i could watch their cartoons and animations"... Listening to what she said, i felt sad for 1 of my friend. He couldn't let go of the past.

Bear further asked Li Yang about her view about chinese people that don't speak mandarin and if the language is an identity to being a chinese. She replied "I don't get what u mean... u look like us too. why wouldn't you be a chinese? just because you are unable to converse in mandarin doesnt mean you are not chinese. You can speak other languages right? But in China we must be capable of speaking mandarin because everyone does. But here in Malaysia we speak any language as long as others understand what we say"... again, listening to those words Bear felt that many mandarin educated chinese in Malaysia are doing nonsense.

'Banana' is what they call chinese that can't converse in mandarin. Bear asked a friend of his who is a chinese Malaysian why... and the answer is WE only look like chinese but in the inside WE aren't. And when Bear asked him do you think we are chinese, he answered NO. He further added that the language is an identity to being a chinese. WTF was all that about... It seems to Bear that the education system has been set to make the thinking of Malaysians to be conservative. For some reason some don't fall for it and am lucky Bear is one of them. In university, whenever Bear speak to a chinese in English, they would stare at Bear or ask if i could speak in mandarin. Bear would go like WTF if wrong with you??? can't u even try to speak english??? it seems that they have their REASONS ~it feels closer speaking in mandarin~

yeah rite... to HELL with it!!! the real reason for those who doesn't want to speak in english is that they SUCK at it and they are afraid of people laughing at them. You know what.... these people do exist and they are around Bear in university. The hell is wrong with them??? if u don't speak in english how are you going to improve??? how are you going to work outside??? are you going to just serve those that can speak mandarin??? but lucky for Bear =) i love it when they speak mandarin. Gives Bear more chances in learning mandarin. And Bear is really thankful that these people exist for some reason. LOL!!!

Opppsss... the post was supposed to be about my shopping but went out of topic ady ~.~

anyhoo~ Bear saw this banner on the left in the Mines. WOAH!!! Bear saw it and was immediately hungry... but was disappointed when saw the date =.=" Bear wonders if he would be able to pull it off... hehe ^^ really wanna try it out ya =) but Bear is lookin' for frenz to join him... wouldn't be fun to do it alone right??? hehe... anyone out there that wants to join Bear in conquering sushi king challenge???

^^ROAR!!! take the challenge^^


doggyjames said...
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doggyjames said...

come...doggyjames wanna take up the challenge with you XD

Bravebear said...

[doggyjames]sure sure... lets go!

doggyjames said...

come my blog leave me a message...we plan our war plans from there