Trip = Sleep

Thursday, August 13, 2009

jugra sport fishing
on top is a picture of a fishing pond located in Banting. hehe^^
taken 3 days ago tho... Bear was on a field trip. not a pleasant 1 but well used. haha XD
wanna know y??? Bear slept most of the time in the bus. ~.~
Bear needs alot sleep u know? haha...
oh ya.... the fishing pond used to be an aquaculture pond that produce shrimps.
namely P. vannamei and P. monodon. its a really nice place ya... this pond is located behind a bungalow. WOAH!!! cool right? guess hu's the owner of the bungalow... ~.~
not me la... haha =)
my updates gotta be faster... geez... kinda bz with all the report writting and exams. so ter-late lor~ haha...
Arigatou to any1 that follows my blog ya... teehee =)