Let Him Go

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Yesterday I posted this on my Facebook...

"Yesterday night, I had a dream about someone I feel deeply connected with. A dream of wandering from villages to country sides searching for that person but remain elusive and not found. The dream made me feel unpleasant and sad. I woke up briefly in the middle of the night. It wasn't a good night sleep.
I believe that sometimes when you have bonded with someone for so long, the connection goes beyond the physical world. And a dream is a vague way of telling what's happening last night in the real world to that person and my own feelings. Such dream wasn't the first time. And I believe in it because it got me right the last few times. 
Maybe it's gut feeling. Maybe it's instinct. Maybe it's just over thinking. But whatever it is, real or mystic, I should be focusing what I can do."

 And his sister replied the posting with this...

"I personally think letting go is not easy but sometimes crucial. Don't be holding on to someone who wants to let go."

 And today I posted this on my Facebook...

"Letting go a person doesn't mean shutting off the person to heal from the hurt. It's more meaningful to let go that person by loving that person more, encouraging more, be more supportive, be more expressive with that person, be feeling more fulfilled with that person.  
Through all these, I am encouraged to get in touch with my own feelings. And not allowing the hurtful past to prevent me to be loving in the present. And to also allow myself to open up the possibility of a loving relationships in the future.  
Don't keep the regret, the hurt, the tears and the guilt of the past. It will not make my present more enjoyable."

 Am I truly letting him go? Or am I using the love philosophy as a disguise of not letting him go? 

Though it is not easy but I'm letting him go.