On this Date this Month

Saturday, September 7, 2019

A month exactly has passed and things are getting better compared to the first 2 weeks. It was not easy but it is part of life experience. The emotional turbulence has subsided. Life is back to routine again. Our chats are back to more regular topics.

As I was having very limited local Malay or Indonesian songs to my knowledge, such as Siti Nurhaliza, Misha Omar, Nora, Ning Baizura etc, I was browsing for more options in Youtube. My friend recommended me a local singer Anuar Zain and an Indonesian friend recommended me to Andmesh, Mike Mohede and Judika.

The lyrics in this song by Judika was outstanding to me, for obvious reasons.

Part of the lyrics...

Jikalau kau sayang 
Benar-benar sayang
Tak hanya kata atau rasa
Kau harus tunjukkan

Jangan sampai
Hingga waktu perpisahan tiba
Dan semua yang tersisa 
hanyalah air mata
Hanya air mata


Jaded Jeremy said...

Glad you're coping well.