Each One is No less Beautiful than the Previous.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

A lot of things has happened in the last few days. 9 years and 7 months are not short but we have moved to a new beginning- that we've both agreed mutually- that this new beginning, we are loving each other in a way with different expectations. From loving boy friends to loving best friends. I believe and have confidence that this next step will further bring the best in each of us.

We have talked so much in these few days, in fact I think it was the longest chat session we ever had in the period of our last 9.583 years. Within 72 hours, many minutes of text messages, phone calls and a single session of almost 4 hours of face to face talk. 

That's the power of communication. So much understanding from both of us have been accomplished.

Instead of looking back of what is lost, I am looking at what we have gained. Bear has taught me that and he still continue teaching me that. Bear is seeing my potential. I am doing it now, channeling the energy- the result of what has happened into something positive.

Over the decade, the things we have done and experienced.

1. We have gotten each other a person, growing up and walking the aging path together. And we still are doing it with different roles, no less important.

2. We realized each other person's potentials, nurtured them and grow these potentials into realities. Our analytical skills, the personal traits of self image, control of temperament, control of fear, the increase level of maturity, career advancement and so much more.

3. We have gained the experience and feelings of how it feels to be like to be in a long distance relationship, be it internationally (Japan - Malaysia), regionally (Selangor- that's me - Negeri Sembilan - that's Bear) and within urban city (Kepong - Puchong; someone even quoted "Percintaan Di Antara Penghujung LDP")

note: LDP is the highway that connects our suburb and we living at the opposite of each end. 

4. We have worked as a team, putting arrangements, explored the world, having our "first" together at the cities of Bangkok, Saigon, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Tokyo and soon to Jakarta later in October.

5. We have learned how to cared for each other when we were sick on bed or in hospital; having done cooking class together and cooking at home; caught in a thunderstorm together till we were drenched to the undies; have buffets together till diarrhea; cried so hard after a romantic movie; and so much more.

6. We had the chance to feel what it takes like to be having each other, living as a human being with emotions and experiencing them together-- to be loved, to laugh, to cry, to get hurt, to be happy, to feel unsatisfied, to feel scared, to be contented, to be scolded, etc. Though these emotions were not long lasting but we have the chance to live through each of them together.

7. We have known each other's person's friends, enlarging our friendship circle along the way. Bear get to know my friends and I get to know Bear's friends too. Some of the new friends we made are now becoming close friends.

Reading back the list above, one might easily feel sad and unfortunate because there were so many great things done in the past 10 years. And some readers might feel that, with this new beginning, these things will not happened again.

NO! That's not true. We will still walking the path together in this new beginning, loving each other in a way with different roles and different expectations. We are still growing up together as two people who has already known each other for a long time already. (I am very predictable to Bear in my actions and words, lols

Like a life development of a butterfly, it has many different stages. Each one is no less beautiful than the previous. We are going through them from one part to the other.

From Piko-chan to Brave-bear


Bravebear said...

I love you so so so much. It's a new adventure for the both of us. I am looking forward to seeing you be happier and live a life full of passion and love. We will forever be best friends. There's no doubt about that. Also, flaunt that sexy body that you have worked so hard for. You deserve it.

William said...

Here's to a smooth transition.

MrBunnyBan said...

Hope things turn out well.

Jaded Jeremy said...

All the best to you two.

Aiden said...

From what you have mentioned, it seems like you guys can make this work! All the best!

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