Open Relationship, anyone?

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The other day a friend name Nic asked me if I have ever had fun with another person while I am still in a relationship. And his definition of fun is any physical contacts and visual (including electronically such as web cam or photo ) ones involving the private parts. My reply to him was I have not done such a thing while my relationship is still "attached". It was a surprise to him that I was being "super loyal". I did not get to ask why it was a surprising response. I do not think he is the person who condone open relationship or cheats behind someone's back.

I also had a vague memory of someone nickname Ichimaru (vague cos my memory tells me it's him but cannot be certain of it) once told me that open relationship is common in PLU community. I was bewildered by such thoughts. 

Yesterday I posted a topless photo in my IG story and caught attention of few people who are in my "close friend" list that has access to it. One outstanding conversation I had was this guy name Zach whom I have known for many years even since the mIRC days. He was showing interest to have fun with me, which caught me by surprise because he is already attached with someone for more than a decade. It turns out that he has been in a open relationship for a few years already. 

He asked me the same question Nic asked me earlier, do I ever had fun with another guy while I am in relationship. He was in a bit of disbelief when I said I have not. I even told him that monogamous long term relationship do exist in PLU community. I even pointed out a certain high profile blogger name William for having an exemplary long term monogamous relationship.

Is open relationship a common thing in the PLU community?

A quick check with my PLU "brothers" and my PLU "gang" that they are a strong supporter of monogamous relationship. There was also one additional comment that if both person in the relationship agree to such arrangement to make it as "open relationship", guess it would not be "morally wrong", so to say.

What is your take on monogamous relationship or open relationship? Straight or or otherwise.


William said...
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William said...

High profile! *sweat*
Is this related to your FB status yesterday?
If its mutually-agreed, then anything goes.
For me, it won't work. A contradiction.

Piko-chan said...

You are indeed high profile, lol

Yea, it is also related to the FB post. I had a chat with him, cleared some misunderstanding, clarified some issues and agreed that in general it will not be an open relationship for us.

Thanks William for your thoughts on being pro monogamous.

Nic said...

My response will always be omg omg omg omg omg omg and omg. Hahahaahah. No cheating and be honest.

Piko-chan said...

Communication and honesty hehehe

thompsonboy said...

well, we dont always know what happens behind closed doors....

Piko-chan said...

It all depends on one own personal value on how to go about it.

Aiden said...

I think it requires both parties to have a certain set of characteristics to be able to accept an open relationship. And I used to think it was more of a yes/no kind of boundary between choosing open relationship vs monogamy. But I've come to realise that its a grey area. Atleast for me. But I do know that some people are very clear about whether they want to be monogamous or not.

Arvind Ram Kumar said...

love is a very complex matter, but to me, when you love someone truly, you don't own them, love should be unconditional, and it must give the person a sense of freedom without any forms of restriction, when you love someone, it doesn't mean that person is yours alone, unless that person loves you in the same way, and wants to be with you only, this being said, i think end of the day, wanting to be in a monogamous relationship or not, it's simply luck, like myself, i believe in monogamous relationship, but when i fell in love with my guy, i didn't really know clearly about his stand ( you can't choose the person you fall for mah ) and it just happened that somehow both of us are into monogamous relationship and we both believe one heart is meant for another one heart, and one more thing is, like what i had told few of my friends, if you're in a monogamous relationship, and somehow your other half cheated on you, remember that they're human, and humans, like every one of us, aren't perfect, so the best thing to do is to forgive them, and to just love unconditionally without putting any restrictions on them or forcing them to accept an idea that you alone think it's correct, embrace them for who they are, and love them for who they are

p/s my guy is the only guy i ever touched and made love with, i kinda waited for a very long time to do "it" because i believed that "it" should be done only with someone you truly love, so it's a personal choice, and despite my guy's wild past, i never judged him, because when it comes to love, things done in the past doesn't matter, and i love him for who he really is, including his flaws, plus i never used gay apps before, but there were times few guys flirt with me on social media despite knowing the fact that i am already in a relationship ( i not handsome oso got peminat wor, hahaha ) so i told them straight forward that there's only one guy in my heart, and they shouldn't expect me to fall for their traps or whatsoever, this sometimes made me wonder why are there gay guys like this, trying to seduce those who are already in a relationship etc, but like i said, we humans, each one of us have different ways of perceiving things, so end of the day, we can't expect them to be like or, we can't expect them to understand our ways

sorry for the long long comment, if nak tau apa apa or say something on my views, boleh share your thoughts on Instagram, you know where to find me, hahaha XD

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