Life is Strange - Before the Storm

Sunday, December 30, 2018

I have been playing this game called Life is Strange. It's about a troubled and rebellious girl name Chloe. Unlike other games like MMO stuffs, this is a story game type- which I decide how the character will progress in the story line.

Along the way in the game, I need to make choices for Chloe, choices that will change the story line. If a decision to be made will alter the story line significantly, a warning sign will pop up saying that any decision made is irreversible. I will then need to pause a moment to think how I want the story to move forward. I am responsible for Chloe's life in her universe. It's something like the Butterfly Effect.

Taking this to real world, I have this life principal that, everyone is responsible for the own actions. Their own choices define who they are and how they become. When things go wrong, do not blame the sky and the earth of had happened. It is all in your own hands.

The same advice I apply to myself and also the same advise I give to people that will alter our relationship in a significant way. If a person feels like he wanna do something? I will share my thoughts on that something so and so. If it's good, then I will support it. If I think it's bad, then I will advise against it. If that person still wanna go ahead, by all means, then please go head. If it's good, then it's good for you. If it's bad, you made your choice. 

Just bear in mind, we are responsible on our choices and be ready to bear with the consequences that comes along the way.

With no regrets. 

Because in real life, unlike a game, there is no option to reset it and play it all over again.

(ed note: there are certain issues, I can be an idealist. But on certain issues, based on past experiences, I have be a realist)


Aiden said...

This is true. But sometimes when you need to make a decision and both options seem right. Obviously one should be better than the other by a tiny margin at least. And advice from others are usually based on their own experiences which comes from a good place. But sometimes its not easy to place yourself in someone else's shoe and advice them. But I do believe that we are responsible for the choices we make. Its just that sometimes these choices and the consequences aren't easy to deal with.