Parasitic or Symbiotic Relationship

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Many years ago, I have a belief that relationship is not about myself but it is about the other person. And how that person compliments oneself. I truly detest the idea a relationship is to fulfill the void in the heart or a plaster to close up the loneliness. Is such relationship is for self healing or actually loving a person? Then where is the love in it? Perhaps there's love but for ownself. Would this be called parasitic relationship? 

And not so distant time ago, Bear once told me that relationship is like two people walking together in a journey, holding hand in hand. A compliment and to bring out the best of each other. Loving the others and also loving oneself. In my understanding, any feeling of self incompleteness is a self discovery. The other person cannot deliver love to you like a postman delivers a parcel to make you whole. The other person is there to support and love you towards achieving it. Would this be called symbiotic relationship?

I believe with no doubt selfless love is what it takes to walk this long road to old age. When one is on a hospital bed who is longer handsome, no longer excites you in bed, no longer provides you the money and time for vacation and yet still loving that person, i think that person has found true love.

Hmmm, I think the third paragraph above is abit out of topic. Actually I wanna write about symbiotic relationship but my thoughts ran into the concept of selfless love. Nevertheless, looking at what's happening at Taipei last week, so much so about appearance and less substance about love itself, I am pessimistic about this community on achieving relationship that is not based on inflating one's ego to be praised on looking good and seeking the lovers assurance to cover their own insecurities. 

Can't believe I wrote this thru my mobile phone inside my car at a car park. I just do not want to lose my thoughts with other distractions while I'm still at it.

What is love to you?


William said...

A relationship should be symbiotic. No point giving and giving until you wither and die. Then there's no relationship left.

Aiden said...

I think true love complements each other. Symbiosis if you must. But at the same time, unconditional.

Did you use the blogger app? I've been meaning to re-download it on my phone. I used it quite a long time ago and wasn't too fond of the layout.

Piko-chan said...

@aiden I didnt use any app, it's just the Chrome mobile browser and started writing from there...

dayalan86 said...

A relationship has to be symbiotic, and it always takes two to make it work. Otherwise, the person who is giving and giving will eventually be emotionally drained.