Say What U Feel

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

I feel thankful to have found you.

I feel vulnerable to be myself.

I feel worrisome when you are in silent anger.

I feel hurt to make you cry.

I feel grateful you stay with me for so many years.

I feel scared if you ever leave me behind.

I feel like a kid to do silly things with you.

I feel hope when you hold me up from despair.

I feel determined to improve myself.

I feel honored with the sacrifice you have made.

I feel loved holding your hands walking on the street.

I feel pleasure with the things you do to my body.

I feel proud with the intelligence that you have.

I feel insecure with the other people comments

I feel confident when being told I am right.

I feel abnormal to worry so much.

I feel relieved you accepted who I am.

I feel disappointed I am lacking courage.

I feel tired with the negative emotions.

I feel alive because you keep me going.

I feel I need to enjoy the moment more.

I feel I am getting long winded writing this blog entry.

I feel I need I stop here for today.

I feel unbelievable I am blogging again.

I feel curious if readers think the Bear is the author? Or the Pike...



Bravebear said...

My dear, muaks~

Arvind Ram Kumar said...

“treasure is measured in units of love, which means you may find you’re rich beyond your wildest dreams”

~ Above & Beyond ~

William said...

Blogging is a good way to release pent up thoughts and emotions. Welcome back.