At Least I Have You

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I'm afraid time's running out.
I need to hold you tight
until I can feel the tracks of time through the lines on your face
until I can be sure that you are real
until I've used up all my strength.
I'm willing to do that for you.

Even if I can't move anymore,
I need to watch you
until I can feel the tracks of snow on the contour of your hair
until my eyes become blurry
until I can't breathe anymore.
Let us never be apart 

If I should give up the whole world
at least there's you that I must cherish.
Your existence is a miracle in my life.
Perhaps I can forget the whole world
but I can't lose any news about you.
I can always remember every tiny mark on your palm. 

It's never easy for us. We can't make our own choice all the time.
I fear the time goes too fast, that I can't watch you enough.
I fear the time goes too slow, that I may lose you in the next second.
How I wish our hair could turn white overnight then we will never be apart.