My Online Pocket Money

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Every day, the usual routine to start off my day online is to read my work/personal emails, browse the Facebook postings, play the FB games for awhile and lastly, not the least, is clicking some ads at Neobux.

As with all ads-clicking site, I am very cautious about spending my time and effort and in the end turns out to be a scam. Before I ventured further, I was searching online for any scam reported posts and found none. In fact, it was a good way to earn a bit of money. Well, if you do not mind spending a few minutes clicking a few ads to get some pocket money. It might seems to be very little but just 2-3 minutes a day, occasionally doing it everyday, you might get a good sum of money.

Here is my screenshot of my Paypal statement, just to debunk some disbeliever out there. It would be better to do withdrawal when you have accumulated more, as Neobux charge you a fee for each withdrawal. Alternatively, you can use it to rent referrals to help you to earn more clicks.

The minimum first cash-out is USD2.00, you can give it a try and cash it out when it reaches the amount. By then, it would boost your confidence that it is the real deal.