Sunday, March 11, 2012

Holy crap... It's been quite some time since I wrote anything here. Just some updates in my life. It's been 3 crazy weeks in my internship. I wouldn't want to disclose too much about it but all is good now. I am glad to have a tough and demanding supervisor around me. When I first started the internship, things were rough. I was so stressed out due to communication problems with the boss. I also constantly gave excuses to myself for not being capable to deliver what he wants or expects from me. I was so demotivated because everyone tells me that I got the toughest supervisor of all and wished me good luck. Things are so tough here that 2 of my coursemates are leaving for another internship at another company. 

The negativity lingered around me for days. I even had nightmares when I sleep. Things took a little change when I remembered how miserable life in the ward was. I then compared life in the office and life in the ward and thought to myself, this was nothing. Yup, it's just another challenge in life. I gotta stay positive that this is all a learning process. Wow... I am so pumped up for the coming week. ROAR!!!


Jaded Jeremy said...

Glad that you have positive thoughts. Hope you get the best out of this experience lah.