Post-CLEAN Syndrome

Monday, July 11, 2011

Although I did not join the CLEAN march, I am a sideline supporter. Seeing them on Youtube, I am proud of those who actually did joined the rally. For the past few weeks, certain people in power has repeatedly pound on those who supports for transparency and cleanliness. It's almost repulsive to have to bare with the one-side news reporting being done by those media. Just this morning at the lab, some of the colleagues were watching the rally on the net. One commented  that the media is powerful as they only focused on captions of the minority of violent policemen. Also adding that how it was portrayed badly and scares away tourist. Then another commented that they were given a stadium but still insists on having Merdeka stadium. Highlighting that the CLEAN people are trying to stir things up and cause chaos.  Having heard their comment, they are obviously under some illusion cast by the governing party.

None of them seem to be bothered by the fact that the daughter of the 4th PM herself and our heroic sasterawan negara supports the walk for CLEAN. Perhaps they are oblivious since not much coverage has been done by the tainted local news. We desperately need a change.


Twilight Man said...

Now the foreign news are reporting our truths instead. Dei you better come out and march next time ok.

savante said...

Good to know that the people are waking up to the reality of the times.

Gratitude said...

There'll always be people who are ignorant, indifferent (tidak apa attitude), easily swayed by govt propagandas or simply self-serving (ranting and cursing anti-kotor as to how they are caught in the roadblocks that day). Good news is that the tide has turned for many too ;)

Have you registered to vote?

Piko-chan said...

Your blog came up in the easyhits4u in my daily clicking activities while multitasking browsing other company training materials. Paused the training, listened to the music and thought of you :)