Saturday, June 25, 2011

HUH... finally done with lab experiments for my final year project. Next stage will be testing the so-called probionts on the live animals. At the moment, free! My lifestyle has change a little. I don't usually read the news. But due to influence from a particular person, I have been reading news daily. Good change I suppose. 

As for my social life, let's just say I don't really have one. Probably because not many people have the same interest as me. I DON'T like window shopping aka walking aimlessly, gatherings more than 4 people, watching movies on the first week of release, talking about girls, concerts, noisy places, smokey area, mamak with bad drinks AND far away.

Perhaps like dardar said, I am an old man trapped in a young body. I like my life simple and less hassle. Life is troublesome as it is, make it simple.


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Xjion89 said...

@@ cn don't tesst on live animals?~~~?><~~

justin net said...

i have this kind of life too.