All In a Day's Pleasure

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is piko-chan writing here. The online game is having a major patch and it's taking like... 11 hours to finish. I'm thinking what to do now. The office mailbox is opened but there isn't any tasks assigned I can do now. I've read all the news online and it's disappointing. This late evening, I'm done reading the last installment of Percy Jackson. It was exciting! And like all young heroes, they like to 'prove' themselves. "I need to kill Voldemort, it's destined", so said Harry Potter and this Percy has the same I-need-to-be-a-hero attitude. But overall, it was a good read.

Dear bought me a book, Twilight. The first installment of the werewolf-girl-vampire saga. Though I've already watched the movie, it's good to read them to know the details. It should keep me occupied for the new few days.

Let's talk about today. It was a cold and wet morning, which I missed it dearly. I wish it will be like that more often. I like it cold. Browsing Facebook postings, one of my friend who is a steward with Cathay Pacific airline, posted his travel pics. Especially Rome. I miss that place and lots of memory over there too. My first backpack for about 3 weeks. Just now, my dear and I were watching Heroes Season 4, a few more episodes to the last one. No matter how powerful one can get, one still need friends and the people around. Same goes to people who thinks the world revolve only to themselves. Just now I read a blogger about the post who was asked which blogger he hate most. I know my dear and I shared the blogger we dislike.

That's all for now, folks.