Waking up in the month of May

Friday, May 27, 2011

People at the lab probably thinks I am lazy coz I am not at the lab the whole day. People kept asking me where I am just because they are late to the lab. I am there early. Finishes my work early and of coz I leave early. No point being at the lab when I have nothing else to do right?

On the side note, I know I have been away for a VERY long time. I just didnt have any motivation to continue blogging. Probably I have been spending more time in gaming, lab work as well as watching reality tv show, survivor. Currently watching season season 17, survivor: Gabon and I must say some of those guys are really cute.

Also, my birthday just passed a few days ago. This time around only a few people wished me since I have placed a fake birthdate on my facebook. Really thanks to those few who wished me. Really made my day. Mom brought my sis and I to Daorae, korean restaurant. their BBQ pork and chicken slices are really good. Thier hotpot was okay too, just wished that their prawns were bigger. Dardar on the other hand brought me to Umai-ya, japanese buffet. Food was good especially their unagi. with free flow of tiger beer I think it's very worth the price. Do check it out!

I think that is all from me this time. 


Twilight said...

Many bloggers are suffering from the same lazy virus infected from their own blogs. I am also talking about myself. Happy Belated Birthday Boy!

J-boy said...

Oh Happy Belated Birthday B-bear! ;)

Lucas said...

Happy Belated Birthday from me too :D

Hope you had a good celebration, sounds good from ur description of the buffet.

Xjion89 said...

hihihi, long time no visit.
Happy belated birthday!
really busy these days><~~~

ooi2009 said...

hawt la yu

流水 said...