The Tolerating Tolerance

Monday, March 14, 2011

Last few days ago, I bumped into a video of this Asian American guy who talks in a fast paced, ghetto style that talks about his life experience. With his diva, high-pitched and bitchy hand movement style, if was a good laugh to watch it. Soon, my Bear was eagerly wanted to watch it too. He enjoyed it and even found out that that American guy even has a video blog. It has now become one of his regular entertainment watching that video streaming.

I found it a good laugh alright, well..., on the first occasion of watching it. As my dear Bear find it amusing and good entertainment, it was becoming more of an irritation to me, that diva, ghetto, high pitch, non-stop ranting (i know, how much i emphasized this...) interspersed regularly with the F-word. I'm a firm believer of individual rights and so... I don't barge into the room and tell Bear that it is so annoying and to stop watching it. Nor, I'm stopping people or condeming them for doing things they like which I dislike. If my Bear finds it amuzing and have a good life for himself, I'm fine with that.

Now, how do I deal with myself when my mind is bubbling with annoyance when that guy's voice is vibrating in the house through that PC speaker? Actually there are a few things to do/have done to isolate myself. Use my handphone earphone to listen to Light&Easy radio channel or listen to the mp3 player (it's time I find my birthday present portable mp3 player from William/Cheryl to be useful), sit at the sofa in front of the tv watching the public channel with the equal volume or keep myself lying down on bed reading a book with the door closed.

At the end of the day, when my Bear shares his funny moments which he found entertaining in that guy's and his comrades video blogs, I'm still glad to know he had a good time.

That somehow summarized on the scenario when your spouse/lover doing something he/she likes, you dislike and going through with it.


William said...

KH would tell me straight to my face.
"It's annoying!". Haha.

Medie007 said...

a lot of ppl find juan annoying

but i kinda like him. :D

age matter? LOL

thompsonboy said...

In relationships...there are something called deal breakers. Just pick your battle.

Bravebear said...

Luan is da SHIT! He is cute and funny.