Sekinchan Ikan Bakar, Puchong

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There was a new shop in the neighbourhood, comparatively new, and every time we passed through that place, the shop is brimmed with people. On Valentine's Day, we spent the dinner there. Although it was just around 6.30pm, that place was almost half full. I didn't know people are craving a lot for grilled fish! We ordered a stingray fish, a mug of clamps clams, rice and drinks. There were notices that we need to be patient as it needs time to grill the fish and all. And I was already hungry! Finally the dishes came. I found it quite normal but Bear like the paste that comes with it.

With all the people coming in and hunting for tables, it wasn't a good place to talk about romantic stuffs. The approach is to eat, pay, leave and find another place for other things to carry on. I didn't check the receipt but Bear calculated that we only paid very little for the fish. From the price of per kg, and the amount charged on the fish, it looks like we ate less than 50g of fish meat. I wonder if the cash register is fixed by now.


justin net said...

pls organize another visit for us your blog supporters.

thompsonboy said...

I heard the food is so so only and not supposed to be that cheap.