Treat People with Civility and Respect

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's a common situation when your cell phone rings with an unidentified number asking you to purchase insurance, enroll for new credit cards, apply for low-interest loans or even a 'wrong number' call. Or, as you were having a meal, you might be approached by people seeking donations, sell products or etc. Or, you might be dealing with customer service, retail assistants or any other counter service of a company.

If I'm being approached for donations/products/services which I'm not interested in, I usually give them a smile and shake my head declining my interest, or maybe take a short peek at the brochure to see if i'm interest and then continued with a smile and reply with a no thank you. If they are persistent, I would have the same persistence to reply with a no thank you.

As I read in the media/experience so far, I just do not understand why some people may be reacting rudely to these scenario. Either they are being treated invisibly or being scolded or being cursed. No doubt our space/time is invaded but I believe these people are just doing their job. And let them do their job.

Talking about people who are doing their job, I once read an experience on how a resident was fumming mad because the guard didn't allow the resident to enter the condo and the resident didn't have the entry pass in hand. The guard was just doing his job not to allow non-resident pass holders to trepass the premise and residents also have the responsibility to their roles. What if a robber used the same tactics and the guard let him too?

It's funny how everyone wants things to suit their own convenience; and when things go wrong, people start blaming everyone else for not doing their job.

Back to treating people with civility, my Bear pointed it right when he said everyone is a hypocrite. When our client/boss responded us rudely over the phone or on the face, we bitched about till the cows come home. But as we ourselves, as a client, begins to decline in civility and started behaving rudely to others, we are of no difference.

It's again when we are always so self-absorbed or self-centered that all things in the whole world should/must revolve to fit ourselves. It's alright to purse what is right as a customer but do it in a civil manner.

Some of us claimed how great we are but ain't behaving as one. Have respect for other people if wants to be respected in return.


justin net said...

i'm totally agree with you.

savante said...

Gotten better after a friend of mine worked in telemarketing and complained of the shoddy treatment he got :)

Gratitude said...

it is always good to look into the mirror sometimes.

Glad for you guys ;)

thompsonboy said...

Ha...those on the CS lines are sometimes asking for it.

kidz said...

uh-huh uh-huh, sometimes if u put urself in their posiition, u will understand how not-easy that is. they are just people trying to make ends meet, and its not like they dunno 99 out of 100 will reject, buts its their job nature that they have to ask 100 person to find that 1 who is interested. N get possibly ill treatment from the rest of the 99..

so have a little respect indeed..

Vincent~ said...

yeah... things always change when u r in their shoes. After passing out flyers myself i tell myself to be nicer to those ppl the nxt time. >_<

Skyhawk said...

Can't agree more...if everyone think and act civilly, we will have a harmony society...and telemarketers are just doing their job....but those ultra-persistent, super-aggressive ones can be annoying....